This was written several years ago the basic data is very applicable, I have
since found many other universes. These universes were covered in my book
"God's in Disguise."

The CORES are another word for "The Rock."


     There is a basic-basic format of the physical universe set of
objects that precedes the beginning of the physical universe and the
use of substitutions for self in order to pleasure and communicate to
others.  These sets of basic-basic pre-physical universe objects are
called CORES.


     CORE: n.  1.  The central, innermost, or most important part of
anything; heart; center; essence.  2.  The heart or center of a rock
or planet.

     The core contains the basic-basic position and from it force
particles emanate through the vision (or DNA) in a directed manner
that brings into the physical universe the actuality of what was
intended and envisioned.


     These core objects were the first paradigm objects created just
prior to, during, and at the beginning of the formation of the
physical universe.  The core objects are prior to the physical
universe time track and do not exist in the physical universe time,
space, force, or particles continuum.

     The core creation's purpose was to create pleasure, to take,
maintain and enhance an aesthetic position that demanded great
admiration and respect, to attract and impress other beings, and to
repel, overwhelm and make nothing of those beings that were not
pleasured and sought to destroy, ridicule or make nothing of these

     These core objects were magnificent structures, were great works
of art, and were considered very valuable to their creators.

     There were several different core objects, each designed for the
special purpose of creating pleasure, and taking, maintaining and
enhancing specific positions in specific areas in such an aesthetic
manner as to demand the utmost admiration and respect from the beings
in those specific areas.

     The cores and the sequence of events connected to them are the
source paradigm patterns of all subsequent paradigm patterns from that
time on.

     The core objects are patterns that participate in and cause
effects across all ten echelons of the physical universe.

     1.  There is a basic core paradigm pattern for your basic
physical universe identity from which all subsequent physical universe
identities, behaviour, and outcomes are modeled.

     2.  There are several basic relationship core paradigm pattern
identities that are the basic models to all subsequent relationship
identities, behaviour, and outcomes.  Identities such are lover,
parent, son, daughter, partner, friend, etc.

     3.  There are several group, team or gang core paradigm patterns
that model all subsequent group, team or gang identities, behaviour,
and outcomes.  Such as leader, manager, convincer, supervisor,
administrator, toiler, slave, tycoon, Tsar, king, dictator, spectator,
nationality, Roman, Atlantian, Lemurian, etc.

     4.  There are planetary identities that had core paradigm
patterns that model all subsequent planetary identities, such as
Earthling, Martian, Venusian, Arcturian, Markabian, etc.

     5.  There were living form identities that had core paradigm
patterns that model all subsequent living form identities, such as
trees, plants, horses, dogs, cats, bears, dinosaurs, birds, etc.

     6.  There were physical universe objects and playing fields core
paradigm patterns that modeled all subsequent physical universe
objects and playing fields, such as suns, moons, stars, planets,
rocks, mountains, grains of sand, etc.

     7.  There were the games core paradigm patterns that monitor all
force particles into contests of win-lose, lose-lose, win-win, that
modeled all subsequent games such as space explorer, Olympians, good
guys vs.  bad guys, cops and robbers, cowboys andIndians, etc.

     8.  For access to the universal mind and its subsequent personal
minds, there are core paradigm patterns that connect all beings
through a spiritual-mental network of computers that generate and
record all physical universe activities and are the model for all
subsequent computer versions such as CAD/CAM systems, super-computers,
conscious, sub-and unconscious minds, robots, automatons, etc.

     9.  The spiritual being core paradigm patterns that controlled
and formulated spiritual identities in the physical universe.

     10.  The co-existence of all spirit, energy, space, time, and
force particles.  This created the basic vision of all physical
universe paradigms and was the model for physical universe
manifestations of heaven, God, the god of gods, holy ghost, the sons
of gods, avatars, supreme beings, Allah, etc.

     The core objects and what happened to them and you are the
basic-basic sources of how you approach and handle others and the
physical universe.

     It should be noted that the core object was the first
representation of your ideas and concepts about how to handle,
interest and manipulate your and other's force particles, a specific
subject, place, thing, or others, or your identities and beingness
that you thought would be appropriate to achieve a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS,
life and existences in the physical universe.

     The problem was others didn't agree with or were envious and
jealous of the beauties, qualities, excellences, and aesthetics of
your craftsmanship in your magnificent works of art.  Individually and
in gangs they repelled, overwhelmed, and made nothing of you and your
creations and destroyed them.

     As time went on and the destructions of your creations devastated
you, you then utilized your abilities to destroy your opponents
creations.  This occurred over and over again until you lost the
ability to create.

     These destructions of your incredibly beautiful creations were
devastating to you.  They plunged you into and encased you in
incredible intensities of pain, rage, upsets, and immense losses and

     They were truly paradigm crashes of immense proportions of fury,
pain and loss.

     The end product of these disasters was to end up SUBJUGATED TO

     Any life triggers that activate or attempt to get near these core
objects and their attendant disasters and paradigm crashes will cause
the person to desperately uninvolve themselves from whatever caused
them to approach or trigger and activate these disaster areas.  They
do this by creating huge upsets and having massive unsolvable

     They make their life not work so that they have NO TIME, NO
MONEY, NO INTEREST and cannot then possibly be involved in anything
that approaches their core creations.  Of course they are dramatizing
the end of game or failure of those basic incidents.  They are acting
out the decision "To have nothing ever more to do with that."

     I have always wondered why most people won't continue processing
or are deathly afraid to get processed.  It has always amazed me that
you have to sell processing to anyone, or to have to pressure them to
co-process.  It is insane behaviour, yes, but its source is the terror
and pain of accessing those core incidents.

     These people use DIVERSION TACTICS to prevent themselves from
approaching the core paradigm objects.

     So, you must ask: "How have you diverted yourself from training
and processing?" or "How can you divert yourself from training and


     What must be comprehended about the creation and collapse of the
core is that it has set up a predetermined, automatic,
obsessive/compulsive, action program that you MUST OBEY, and you are
forced to act out the whole sequence over and over.

     Any form of empowerment that causes you to create a beautiful
game or creation is the automatic trigger for you to be TAKEN OVER by
your core creation and made to act it out down to the last disaster or

     What causes this is your long ago assignment of your power to
your creation and your endowment of intelligence to it, until you
considered it was more important, valuable, greater, and more powerful
that you.

     You LIED!

     What you have done is empowered intention with intelligence.
This cannot be true.

     Intentions, postulates, decisions, and precepts have NO
INTELLIGENCE.  They are just automatic force directors that facilitate
your force particles into and through your paradigm machinery.  The
activities of the paradigm parts gives the appearance of intelligence.
But only to the degree you programmed that intelligence into the

     You are the intelligence.  Your non-ownership allows you to be
owned and controlled by your core objects.


     Use mass handling techniques once object found.

     If any trouble vanishing CORE OBJECT, check:

     Are you the creator of this core object?

     The reason for this is: The CORE OBJECTS are considered so
valuable, the being may use a substitute CORE OBJECT to hide their

     Or the loss is so immense from the destruction of a basic CORE
OBJECT, that the being stole someone elses.

     If stolen or substituted find which and do the following.

     If stolen: Ask Client: From whom was it stolen from?

     Get who.  ASk : Where are they?

     Almost all clients know where the who is.

     Firmly command Let go of it, (pause) send it back to (who.)

     Being should suddenly feel immense relief.  His integrity is
being restored.

     Have client tell you whats going on.  Usually lots of cognitions.

     If major regained abilities run, Celebration of Wins process.

     Take break, repair havingness.

     Restart session:

     Re-orient client to area.

     Ask: Just prior to your stealing (OBJECT) did something happen/

     Client will drop right into event of destruction of their OWN

     If heavy loss still there run:

     What part of that loss are you willing to permeate/ rather not
permeate.  run alternately.

     Suddenly client will start brightening up.  Gently end

     Ask what was your CORE OBJECT like?  Describe it to me

     Client will suddenly have back their CORE OBJECT.

     Mock-up that CORE OBJECT.

     Un-mock that CORE OBJECT.

     Repeat over and and over until client can do it easily.

     Ask Do you want to keep it?  What ever answer, ack.

     Client should very Happy.

     The hardest thing to do is find CORES as client is scared to lose
them they are considered so valuable.

     Once client realizes they can mock or un-mock them at will client
is free from being trapped by them and can let them go.


12 August 1992 Revised 5 June 1995
Copyright ( 1992, 1995 Alan C. Walter ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Spiritual Literacy Series 17