ACCESS:  1.  To gain or have an approach or path to; especially to
retrieve data from.  
2.  The activating or triggering of part or all of a spiritual being's
paradigm by someone or something in the present environment.

DE-ACCESS:  1.  To restore the being to feeling more at cause over an
area in which something had been accessed.  2.  To take away the causes
of accessing which allows what was accessed to move off the being.

DE-ACCESS QUESTIONS:  Questions asked that assist the individual in
locating what was accessed and the causes of access.

        The purpose of the de-access questions is to locate the
vision, picture, incident, area of pain, unpleasant sensation, etc. that
was knowingly or unknowingly accessed and is impinging on the person in
present time, creating a physical manifestation such as twitching,
jerking, non-observation, mood shifts, yawning, etc.  

        When what was accessed is located and talked about it moves off
and no
longer impinges on or affects the person inpresent time.  It has been

Sample De-Access Questions:

        Did an area of pain or unpleasantness get triggered?

        Did an area of pain or unpleasantness come to view?

        Did what we're doing trigger something?

        What were you perceiving?

        Did a vision come to view?

        Was a memory triggered?

        What's happening?

        Did this exercise cause you to think of something?

        Did this exercise remind you of something?

        Did I cause you to think of something?

        Is there something on your mind?

        What came to mind (view)?

        Is anything occurring?

        Did you attempt to deny an area of pain or unpleasantness?

The following is an example of the correct handling sequence:

        1.  While doing an exercise the Coach observes a physical

        2.  Coach:  "What happened?"

        3.  Student:  "I feel frustrated."

        4.  Coach:  "Is what we're doing triggering something?"

        5.  Student looks to the mind for the answer, "Yes, I was
reminded of a
time when I started a new job, and during the training I just couldn't
follow what was going on." 

        6.  Coach:  "Thank you," and continues with the exercise from
they left off.

                                                        Eric Wolery


                                                        ALAN C. WALTER

10 June 1987
Revised 26 September 1995

Copyright  1987, 1995
Alan C. Walter