A few days ago Homer asked me to define, in my own words the following,
Codes, Integrity, Virtues and Principals.

Thats a little bit like asking someone to define in their own words all the
parts of a car. Simple but vast.

A full holographic comprehension of these four subjects can completely
change a Beings Universe.

I attempt to keep as close to the Dictionary meanings as possible, but as
many of you are aware, the spiritual aspects of the meanings of words has
practically been ommitted.

So here goes:

Webster Definition for "code"

1. code \'ko-d\ n [ME, fr. MF, fr. L caudex, codex trunk of a tree, tablet
of wood co]vered with wax for writing on, book; akin to L cudere to beat 1:
a systematic statement of a body of law; esp : one given statutory force 2:
a system of principles or rules 3: a system of signals for communication;
also : a system of words or other symbols arbitrarily used to represent words.

The Spiritual use is mainly No. 2. 

The Code of Honor. The Auditors Code. etc

Beings use these Codes to run their life by.

Violation of these Codes causes a Being to fail in an area usually.

When I stated F/N everything I was just reminding ALL auditor of a duty,
that the auditors Code demands.

As there are hundreds of auditors connected to this clear-l list, the tech
began to be recovered.

It was not manipulation, it was reminding them of their Codes.

On lower case level Beings you get conflicts of codes.

Honoring ones Codes is a vital part of having respect for self.

2. code vt : to put in or into the form or symbols of a code - n 

This covers more the area of finding a persons Codes. Those special
"attributes" that gives a Being a reason to be alive.


Webster Definition for "integrity"

Cross references: 



in.teg.ri..ty \in-'teg-r*t-e-\ n 1: an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS 2:
adherence to a code of moral, artistic, or other values 3: the quality or
state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS 

The Operating level of life Integrity is MASTERY over.

The biggest problem in training and auditing Beings to a high degree is they
have never Mastered one thing well.

To raise a Being to their full potential requires the attainment of Mastery
over as many identities, subjects, areas and things as possible.

This is demonstrated in life as BEAUTIFUL COMPETANCE.

Webster Definition for "virtue"

vir.tue or in virtue of \'v*r-(.)chu:, -ch*-w\ n [ME virtu, fr. OF, fr. L
virtut-, virtus strength, manliness,] virtue, fr. vir man - more at VIRILE
1a: conformity to a standard of right : MORALITY 1b: a particular moral
excellence cap 2: an angel of the fifth highest rank 3: a beneficial quality
or power of a thing 4: manly strength or courage : VALOR 5: a commendable
quality or trait : MERIT 6: a capacity to act : POTENCY 7: chastity esp. in
a woman : through the force of : by authority of - by virtue of 

Your Virtues are the products of your Mastery.

They include such holographic abilities as:







Etc., etc.

Webster Definition for "principle" \'prin(t)-s(*-)p*l, -s*-b*l\ n [ME, modif. of MF principe, fr. L
principium beginning, fr. prin]cip-, princeps taken as first - more at
PRINCE 1a: a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption 1b1:
a rule or code of conduct 1b2: habitual devotion to right principles 1c: the
laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device 2a: a
primary source : ORIGIN 2b: an underlying faculty or endowment 3: a
distinguishable ingredient that exhibits or imparts a characteristic quality
cap, Christian Science 4: a divine principle : GOD 

These really are what qualities of Being, doing, and beauty you cherish the
most spiritually.

Never lie.

Be true to yourself.

Always deliver what you promise.


They are the best of the best of the Codes, Integrities and Virtues.


Any violation of these above four areas, the BEING BEGINS TO THINK AND MAKE

This is how Beings KEEP SCORE OF THEMSELVES. They establish the

Each of the four areas area different from Being to Being.

These constitute much of the framework of each beings Own Universe.

The Being core.


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