From: ACW

Oops! nearly missed this one.

>> There is a specific sequence of what must be handled.  It is as follows:
>>         1.  Locate the area of Fury.
>     How?
>     Homer


Is there an area of FURY.

Where is it.
(causes Being to separate outside area to, see it.)

What is its size?
(causes Being to be bigger than it.)

What is its color?
(causes being to have to inspect closer.)

What is its duration?
(Most important step as Being will have to span its Beginnings to end
(sometime into future) (also straighten out time line of area if balled up.)

What are its moods?
(Vital as FURY contains, almost all moods from top to bottom, concentrated
into a laser like beam.)

List all moods.

Are there any moods you must not experience?
(These are the out of control moods.)

List ALL unwilling to experience moods.

Take each and run:

>From where could a Godlike Being experience..........(Unwill. mood.)?

>From where could a Godlike Being create..............(same mood.)?

The tell pc : To permeate the FURY. That is holographically be willing to be
each particle in event.

Should just disintergrate: Pc should be amazed at quietness or lack of mass
in space.

Ask pc: How big are you? Should be huge.

Take break pc may or may not start running consequences of FURY.

If not ask pc:

What has been the consequences of this FURY?

Pc will run later similars to PT. Maybe hundreds of different time lines at

All Red Zone conditions will start blowing. Enormous amount of WHY'S for
life positioning will blow to view. O/W's will fly to view and run out.

Pc may be un-auditable for several days as life holograms will begin to rise
to Green Zone expectancy.


Alan W.