Several months ago Homer asked me to define "matching terminals."

     Due to my "newbyness" with a computer, and being unable to send
to clear-l, I failed to answer the question.

     A terminal is any fixed mass used in a communications system.  An
identity, man, post, hat or something that can originate, receive,
relay or change particles on a flow line are all terminals.

     Matching means similar or the same as.

     The basic concept is "birds of a feather, flock together," or
Beings with the same realities are attracted or connected to each
other.  Beings with mutual affinities, realities and communication
levels are matching terminals.

     This is a very important piece of recognition or perception data.

     By recognizing whom you are matching terminals with, you can
easily recognize what type of identity you are dramatizing, thus what
game you are playing.

     If you are playing with low havingness players you will have low

     If you are playing with high havingness players, your havingness
will be high.

     Reality is contagious.

     Beings with degraded realities will try to convince (sell) others
with higher quality effective realities that their realities are
wrong.  And the degraded reality is right.  This is what lies behind
Negative Processing.

     Possibly the "matching terminal" recognition is the most
effective way to truly assess where a case is REALLY at.  It very much
requires looking at the obvious.

     Through-out my Scio career I by-passed the PR aspect of rundowns
and wins, prefering to use who am I now associating with.  What level
of game am I now playing.  If I'm playing a bigger, higher level of
game, the processing worked.  If not I went back and demanded I get
The results promised.

     To me processing wins, must transfer into life wins.  If not the
process is incomplete.

     Effective processing, is processing that causes a Being to ascend
the ladders of their games.  ie.  A second rate athlete, begins to
star.  Thus finding himself winning against better and better
competitors.  He becomes a star in his field.

     He now "matches terminals" with the best.

     The Zones tech, is based on gradient scales of rising
"matchingness of terminals."

     True ascension rises a Being up to mastery of their chosen

     In the Red Zone you are "matching terminals" with Beings who are
always in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Technically that require
maximun lies, false ideas, illiteracy, ARC broken-ness, stupidity,
confusion, hidden agendas, gross violations of ones Codes, Virtues,
Integrity, Principals and Honesty.

     In the Yellow Zone you are "matching terminals" with the
"undecided's" the "maybes' of life.  That is you are unwilling to
stick your neck out, unwilling or unable to be responsible for an
area, etc.  Technically that indicates lack of hatting, hidden
unresolved study problems, limiting precepts, unwillingness to make
self known, poor discipline, low levels of integrity, poor standards
of disciple, attitudes of mediocracy, lack of experience.  Stuck in a
mediocre identity.  An inability to own your own universe.

     In the Green Zone you are "matching terminals" with the best of
the best.  You are operating at truth in life.  In the right place at
the right time, with the right people, playing the game you really
want to play.  Technically you are operating at a constant floating
T/A in life level.  Your case has no chronic unhandled life
conditions.  Or your main target areas are at mastery.  You honor your
Codes, Virtues, Integrity, Principals and Honesty.  You are true to
yourself and your goals.

     As you can observe "matching terminals" is an important piece of

     Any Being can create a life that is a MASTERPIECE.  All it takes
is to master the pieces.  To "match terminals" with the MASTERS.

     Are the terminals you "match" or associate with MASTERPIECES or


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