>     Now here is the half ack I promised you.
>     I have been running your shock process on Jane to some good
>effect.  However many of the questions that ask for explicit
>answers are not answerable, like "What intentions are in the shock?"
>The answer is "I don't know".
>     What came of this auditing was Jane said "I am much too far
>down in catatonia to answer these questions, I can FEEL it coming
>over me crushing everything out of sight."
>     Now you all know that the awareness characteristic chart goes,
>..ruin, despair, suffering, numbness, introversion, disaster,
>inactuality, hysteria, shock, catatonia and oblivion..."
>     So she hit in on the head didn't she?

Yes, she sure did.
>     The point is that someone who is able to run a shock moment
>the way you are talking about is WAY HIGH TONE compared to someone
>who is in catatonia and oblivion where we both are.
>     If you and Robert and Enid and Allen expect to crack cases like mine
>and Jane, you are going to have to forget shock moments, put on your
>REALLY deep sea diving gear, and come down into infinite oblivion
>(obsidian) where we are, but where maybe you can't conceive quite yet. 

In some ways you are correct, but your problem isn't the "infinite oblivion"
your willing to confront that. Its the opposite the "infinite truth." That
your not willing to confront. 

I run opposite to you. I'm very willing to confront the "infinite truth" but
tend to not-is the "infinite oblivion."

It should always contain a balance of both.
>     Oblivion comes from the French Oublier, To Forget.  
>     If you can come up with something that handles Oblivion you
>will handle a whole mess of the remaining people on the planet.
>     My indication.  Consider it please.

Their is an old, old process, one I've used to unlock to most blackest of
case conditions. It has great benefits to audit as it never makes the pc
wrong. It is something almost all pcs can do, as it starts at any level. It
runs even the most bizare uncharted and unmapped areas of case.

It will undercut all out rudiments.

The process is:

Quickly get the pc to define a Lie. Any answer that approximates the
definition will do.

(You can re-clear the definition at a later date as the pc has blown more

Get the idea of creating a lie?

Tell me about it?

Get the idea of putting that lie in the physical universe and acting on it?

What happened?

Repeat over and over to a win. Break. Return to process later and repeat cycle.

I have cracked some very tough cases with this, it especially turns on whole
track events. It is a long running process fifty to a hundred hours. Maybe
much longer.

There will be many Ascension Experiences, Ack them, do Celebration of Wins.
return to process.

Do you or Jane have any favorite havingness processes?

If so, 5 minutes to 20 minutes of havingness between wins would be great.

Havingness Process processing is great as it enters in extra time and space
into the cases compressed areas.

The most common havingness scarcities in most peoples lives are: NOT ENOUGH

Running the right havingness process remedies this. The pc will come out of
session feeling wealthier and more affluent. 


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