In the forty years of seeking and mastering the different aspects of
training and processing, there is one area that is vital to train and
process everyone on.

        This area has been the major reason I have always won at running

        The most ommitted and subject illiterate area on almost all public 
level and even many who have had processing and training is "How to become 
and maintain Prosperity." 

        Getting processed and trained is a very expensive subject, for not 
only must you spend a great amount of money, you must also invest a great 
amount of time.

        The first area I train my students on is ACHIEVING and MAINTAINING

        Once a student or client grasps that, then it is much easier for them 
to find the time and money for training and processing.

        Personally I consider I have not done a good job if a student or 
client cannot get a return of at least ten times what they spent on
processing and training.


                                PROSPERITY QUICK TIPS

	It is vital that you be aligned with the component parts of your 
basic paradigms.

	A major problem with most education systems is that they do not 
take definitions to a conceptual level.  No concept = No vision = No mind
program = No implementation = No ownership, having, or acceptance.

	Vital life definitions must be in alignment to produce an enjoyable,
successful, prosperous and happy life.

	WORK: n.  1. YOU knowingly intending, envisioning and setting out 
to do something and doing it that achieves proximity to the vision.  
2. Activity aligned to achieve a vision.

	HAPPINESS: n. A feeling you experience when you achieve a successful
outcome that matches your vision and intention.

	WINNING: adj. The continuous application, from beginning to end, of 
a paradigm sequence in which the outcome matches the vision and intention.

	MORALE: n. That feeling produced by the motion generated by your paradigm
sequence.  High morale is achieved by high action and high 
application of the paradigm sequence that cause outcomes to match actions,
visions, and intentions.  Low morale is caused by a breakdown of the 
paradigm and failure of the outcome to match the vision and intention.

	HIGH MOOD:  1. Your feelings generated by the intense high-speed 
forward motion toward a successful outcome that matches your vision and
intention.  2. Any mood level that contains high interest, enthusiasm and
upward toward high humor, fun, joyfulness, and bliss. 
        LOW MOOD levels are generated by failure to move forward and the 
failure to match visions with outcomes or to be unknowingly under the 
control of something or someone else.  They contain negative emotions such
as hate, anger, fear, resentment, hopelessness, etc.

	PRESENCE: 1. Your state of continuous arrival or being here.  
2. Your ability to fully own, be responsible for, control, and embrace the 
total consequences of all composite parts of a paradigm.  For example: the
ABILITY PARADIGM of Spirit, Perception, Intention, Vision, Plan, 
Implementation (Action), and Outcome (must match Vision).

	Conceptualization of these definitions, plus doing Presence Drills 
can make a vast change in mood level and the quality and quantity of 

	Add the Clean Slate Learning Drill and the definition of Reality 
and you have a powerful introductory course.

7 March 1994							ALAN C. WALTER

Copyright (c) 1994

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