The clearing community and mankind lost a very valuable contributor, mentor
and leader on June 1, 1998.

I first met Raymond in late August 1962 when he and I enrolled on the Saint
Hill Special Briefing Course. This was the beginning of a 35 plus years

We co-processed together and did much of the Goals, Problems, Mass research
for LRH.

Over the years Raymond was an outstanding pioneer, leader and great
contributor in creating the general acceptance of the subject of clearing
and personal coaching. He was willing to share any of his successful
actions with his fellow practitioners, as recently as 5 weeks ago he called
me to share some of his findings on an area I was working on.

I will miss him and his helpful guidance.
But Raymond was far more than a masterful clearing practitioner.

John Raymond Kemp
Easter Parade of Life

At 13 years old Raymond became an illusionist and was awarded an
associate membership of the Inner Magic Circle.

At 15 years old he entered the Royal navy and studied Psychology &
obtained his Masters degree at the Netherlands Institute, a Ph.D. in
Humanities at Southern California Institute, a Freudian Psychoanalyst
degree, and a Dr. of Divinity.

He was in the Royal Navy for 12 years.

Raymond served under Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatton and was a WWII

Raymond coached the British Olympic Pentathlon Team in 1957.

He became a women's & men's fashion designer, owned three shops,
and had a manufacturing company.

He was an illusionist and an entertainer.

He was responsible for the creation of the Oxford Capacity Analysis, a
personality test  that has been used for 40 years as a definitive profile in 
human relations.

He was a designer of the one man Sports Hovercraft and Park owner, 
which were used in T.V. and films such as: Night Rider, McGiver, 
Operation Watch Dog, and North Dallas Forty.

He was an author of many books:

Sanity for the Layman, Love, Sex and Marriage, When a Sailor Rides
Horseback, Live, Love and Like It., You Live as You Think, Handbook of the
Management without Ulcers, and the U.S.N.S.C.C. Flagship SOP,
plus many newspaper & international magazine columns.

He had 20 years in the U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps.

Raymond was the Commodore of Flagship for 8 years.

Raymond was awarded the distinguished Service Medal for his U.S.N.S.C.C.

He was an international business consultant & lecturer in Europe & East

Raymond was the C.E.O. and co-inventor of the Emergency House Alert, ad

He married Pamela in 1956, had two children: Christopher & Suzanne, four
grandchildren: Chandra, Jonathan, Desiree and Andrew, and the Great
Dane, Raj.

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