The reason I asked this question is I believe this is all that has been out
in your auditing.

Its a very vital basic.

>> Can you put your own itsa maker line in on your own self case?
>     No.  I am quite unable to itsa anything.  I have been running
>straight effort for two years now, its still running, but
>no itsa of worth.

Basic reason for no itsa maker line is ABUSE.

Abusers give the abused wrong items and wrong answers. These are delivered
with force and pain.

The Being gets stuck with the wrong items and wrong answers.

Then to handle this the abused Being begins to self list, ending up with
more wrong items and wrong answers. Or worse no answers or no items.

What has basically happened is the abused has been short cicuited. And their
universe collapsed.

The handle is relatively simple, but lengthy. Realize that there are two
things in collision Out lists and Wrong items.

Of course two of the most deadly things on a case.

Area One: OUT LISTS.

Run: "What question have you asked yourself?"

Take each question and turn them into a listing question and run the listing
question until you find the correct item.

Some lists may give multiple items. Give yourself the correct items.

Then run:

Make a list of Abusers you have been in contact with.

Select the one that grabs your interest.

Ask self "What item did...........give me?

Often they gave many. take each one of the items.

Check Is this a right item?

      Is this a wrong items?

Whatever reads run What have been the consequences of this item?

If item wrong. Send item back to originator.

If item delivered with force or pain or unpleasant sensations, list what
they are. Run each with:

>From where could a Spiritual Being (or God) experience..........? to a win,
then run:

>From where could a Spiritual Being cause...........? to a win.

I don't know how brutal your childhood was but doesn't sound like it was
much fun. If abusive, it means wrong items forced on you that you could push
away. That causes a cut itsa maker line.

Don't make an ordeal out of this. Lots of small wins will result in big wins.

As the wrong items and out lists get corrected you might be amazed at what
will come to view.

This is how I always handle my collapsed universes. 18 major comm evs is
Gang banging abuse.

You can if you wish post this on clear-l.


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