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Date:         Fri, 24 Mar 89 21:34:49 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: dream/reality
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 22 Mar 89 09:12:09 EST from 

>Homer, I have a question.
>Maybe I missed something somewhere but, assuming this is all a big
>dream, how does freewill, choosing ones destiny, choice, etc. come into

     You are asking very difficult questions, ones that even the Adepts
say the answers are not easy as long as you are IN the dream.
They hint that understanding the dream from within it, is not totally

     The problem becomes clear when you consider that even TIME is
considered part of the hallucination.  But was there a time BEFORE there
was time, and THEN time was created?  You see even talking about
the creation of time implies there was a higher time in which time
did not exist and THEN did.

     It is also been said that even out of the dream it is not
understanding that is most prominent but ability to use it.
The being can create dreams and jump in and leave, without ever
being able to totally understand exactly how it works.

     Frankly I do not think anyone knows what they are talking about
when it comes to this subject as almost everyone is speaking from
the viewpoint of still being IN the dream.  I mean you got to be
in the dream just a bit to even talk to others in it.

     As for freewill, nothing can be free of its own nature.  You do what
you do because of what you are.  However if it is true that these dreams
are created in their entirety in Eternity before they are jumped into,
then in some sense the future is already created.

     However since the being is creating the dream from out side of
the time in that dream, it is possible to make things happen in that
time that do not depend in anyway upon things that happened earlier
in that same time.  So the future can be determined, but not STATE
determined.  In otherwords what happens next is not necessarily a function
of what happened before in the same dream.

     Thus the future may not be determined by the past (unless it is
made to be so by a spirit who wants this).  But the future is always
determined by the Will of the spirit that created it, which Will
is able to create independant of what it created 'before' and independant
of any EXTERNAL influences.

     Thus the future and the will that created it are free from being
determined by the past and are free from being determined by any external
causes.  But it is not free from its own nature and impulse to create
art, beauty and hysterical jokes.  But it comes from within, it comes from
the eternal present and is owned by the spirit completely.

     Once the spirit lays out a universe and decides to live it, it
is creating a universe in which it will create things while IN the
universe.  So it is creating while OUT of time what it will create IN time.

     Since the will brings its free will with it INTO the dream, the
moments when it uses its free will IN the dream are already created
by the SAME free will before the dream.  So they are in synch and
eternal agreement with each other.  Thus the spirit can not chose
any other way, but has already chosen to not chose any other way and
likes it.  And its present choices can be free from its past choices.

     The free will gets to choose what it already chose to choose.
>If we do have control over our actions (which are really parts of this
>massive dream) we must be controlling this dream somehow, perhaps from
>on of those higher dream states.
     How this dream continues to function without our apparent present
time control is a very interesting question to which I have never heard
any good ideas.  One idea is that there are other beings keeping it going
for us and them while we are living it.  These beings could be called
gods.  They may be highly evolved, or highly unevolved.  But they are
consciously projecting the world for all of us so that we don't have
to bother.

     According to this theory, we get out of the dream to the degree we
take over projecting it for ourselves.  If we project it, we can cease
projecting it.

     Of course this does not explain really HOW it all works.

     Of course the meatballs can not explain HOW their space/time
continuum works either.  They can only specify the ways that it does.
The ultimate HOW is beyond them.

     And so it is with the dreamball theory too.

>Or maybe we have no control over this dream, but that would give me
>the impression of some sort of dive control.
     What is dive control?

     The theory says, it does not matter who pushed the alpha lock button
down, anyone can repeat the action and make the stuck condition vanish.

     If you take over the projection with your conscious will, it becomes
yours to operate and not operate as you will.

     Of course being able to create a projection and have it persist
and forget that you made it so that some one else can get stuck with it,
is just as important as being able to vanish projections that others
made to trap you.

>Am I missing something?

     Arn't we all?

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/24/89*dream/reality