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Date:         Sun, 26 Mar 89 03:44:59 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: two camps
To:           Omer Zak ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Sat, 25 Mar 89 17:49:31 +0200

>Hello Homer,
>Yes, all of us are of course free to leave our respective games at any time
>we want.  The route of suicide seems to be the way to leave the game and
>enter another game (or continue with the same game if the spirit is persuaded
>that the challenge to work out things is large enough.  It then looks like
>a suicide attempt which failed).
>The 'PSI-cheats' are just not desperate enough to leave the game altogether.
>By the way, from the tone of your letter you seem to take our world too
>seriously.  About this, I'd like to make the generalization that people who
>are phenomenally successful in some endeavors (such as being very rich or
>having tremendous academic achievements) are not 'serious' about them.  They
>play the money (or academic) game in sort of a 'take it easy' way.  You may
>want to accouse them of callousness because they just don't understand why
>the same game is so seriously difficult for other 'less-fortunate' people.
>                                                               --- Omer

     Yes, the seriousness of my viewpoint is a tad high these days.

     It changes.

     What do you think about the Christians who think
they will never have to return to Earth after they die, and
who think their God would not ALLOW them to return to Earth even
if they wanted to?

 Homer W. Smith      Omer Zak             3/26/89*two camps