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Date:         Mon, 27 Mar 89 08:19:17 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      equality
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ok, I will put my ugly little sexist mind to bay for a moment,
and give an open mind to the possibility of equality between men
and women.

     First, whether or not I think it is true, I DO wish it WERE true,
if it is not.

     As Nick has said, I must learn to think politically.  So here goes.

     Sometimes a minority group looking for equality in America
runs up against failure after failure and gets lost as to why
they never win.

     One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes, if
discrimination is practiced in one sector of society it can
creep over to another seemingly disparate sector and no one
sees the connection.

     For example, gays are one our more down trodden minority
groups and they do not seem to be winning the war on a grand scale
like they would want to.

     They can be kicked out of jobs, school, all sorts of things.
The police can hate them and pick on them, the judges can treat
them like they somehow deserved their fate and all in all it
is a very sorry state.

     How ever one of the most prominent places where gays are
discriminated against is in the ARMY and armed forces.

     This is how I see it.  The country is saying that gays are
not good enough to fight and die for their country.

     My opinion is that as long as the Army and armed forces is
legally allowed to discriminate against gays, then they will never
succeed in attaining equality anywhere else.

     You see there is only one thing lower in societies eyes, than
someone who is forced as a slave to die for their country, and that
is someone who is NOT allowed to die for his country.  How low can
you go?  It is the sign of ultimate disrespect to tell someone
you don't want THEM fighting next to you.

     It is also immense silliness.

     Especially if it has to do with things that do not affect
how the person can operate as a soldier.

     Of course the excuse is the army does not want gays making
passes at the other men in the field, or getting off on the naked
men in the shower.  Well so what.  Put the gays in with the women then.
If they want to fight, they should be allowed to fight.

     But this brings us to women.  You see as long as women are not
allowed a full role as a defender of the nation, you will always
be considered a second rate citizen because your duties are second
rate compared to the men who must fight and die.

    This also eventually leads to the idea that men have, that
it is MEN that cause all the trouble in the world (the enemy is
never women is it?) and it also makes men never look to the women
for help in his problems with other men.  Thus women get left
out of the equation entirely.

     Since the bad men of the world are making war on the good men
rather constantly, women are sort of told to be quiet and get lost
while the real men do the job.  Women like children, should be
seen and not heard.

     If women were give equal status as defenders of the nation,
this attitude would cease to exist.

     Certainly women must be given equal pay for equal work.
But if they are to be considered equal to men they must also be
given equal work.

     Now I am totally pro strength and anti draft, so I believe
in the armed forces more than most, but only in a voluteer armed
forces.  Just now women are beginning to be let in, but they
still are not allowed on the front lines in many situations.

     They are also not allowed to command men.  Which if they
are equal, they should be as good at that as washing dishes.

     So as long as there is a draft, women should be drafted in
equal number to men and for exactly the same job of warrior.

     As long as there is mandatory registration, women should
register and be called to service on a non discriminatory basis
with men.

     How the hell do you think women will get equal treatment
in the work place if they are not allowed equal treatment
where the REAL work takes place, defending the country.

     The question you must ask is, if the Russians are invading
America with an all male army, do you want to face them with
a half male and half female army?  If so fine.  If not, why not?

     Men will NEVER treat women as equals, until they are
dying right along side of them.

     By the way, what do you do if a woman soldier gets pregnant
during her time of duty as a foot soldier?

     Men can thwarple the french whores and go on to fight another day.

     Women are different.

     What do you do with a women who gets pregnant just to get out
of selective service?

     I don't think men have solved these questions, and they remain
a little chary of letting women in on the duties of full citizenship.

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      3/27/89 equality