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Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 89 06:12:30 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
To:           Adore-l list 
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     You seem to try to make me out to be a war monger.

     It is not MY idea that war is good or even necessary.

     However IF the country continues to fight wars, and continues
to prevent women from fighting in them, this will be taken as a sign of their
need for protection by men or worse as slaves to the needs of men and their
war machine.

     Men will never treat as an equal what they feel they must protect.

     I for one can well sympathize with this view.  I grew up in the
70's looking forward to being drafted into Viet Nam the day I
graduated.  My draft number was 8 and if the war had not ended in
1973 I would have been sure to go.

     It is very hard to study at school when you know you are
going to be dead a year later.

     What was worse though, was all the 'womyn' around me who
didn't even have to think about the matter because the draft
did not include THEM.

     I lost my love for women and my country during that time, and I have
yet to get it back.

     Hell if they took women in the Army, I draft number would
have been an effective 16!

     Not that that would have done me much good, as they were taking
people up to number 280.

     So the men have to go to war, and the women get to stay home.

     And I am supposed to treat them as equals?

     I don't see women fighting for the right to be registered today.

     All I see is an endless sea of hypocrisy and nail polish.

     If they want equality in the work place, they can have it, but
they can have it without being protected from some workplaces that
other MEN have to go.

     Full rights means full duties.
     Full duties means full rights.

     I personally do not feel that employers MUST give maternity leave
to women, and I do feel it is proper to discriminate against a woman
who will not able to BE on the job as much as an equally qualified man.

     It is nice to have materinity leave for those who wish to
provide it, and day care where others can do to your children
what the mother has not the time to do herself, but I would fight vehemently
against laws mandating materinity leave or other such reverse

     Possibly if women were allowed greater freedoms in the workplace, then
Nick's mother would have had second thoughts about having him, and both
ADORE-L and the world at large would be better off.

     The Sexist Bastard.

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         3/28/89 No subject