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Date:         Wed, 29 Mar 89 07:59:38 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      maternity leave
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Maybe if women had been drafted during the 60's and 70's the war in
Vietnam would have been over sooner.

     Being there and seeing for themselves what was going on, maybe
women would have taken some responsibility for the issue of their wombs.

     If it comes out of YOUR belly, and it slithers away only to
rape, kill and suck blood, who now is at fault?

     Tell me the woman has NOTHING to do with it.

     Tell me she has NO ability or counter say-so in the matter.

     Tell me the man is to blame and the woman is nothing.

     Tell me some lies I haven't heard yet.

     There are women on this list.  Can't figure out why they stay on.
Maybe they are masochistic.

     However, they have a champion in Nick G.  They should speak
up and tell the truth from their point of view.

     Even if I don't agree, there are many on this list who will
listen and probably silently agree.  The people who SAY things
on this list are not the only personalities ON the list.  Not even
the most important.

     Just because I am the moderator of the list, or the LOUDEST
person on the list, doesn't mean I am right.

     So women speak up.  You didn't sign on this list to listen
to a male chauvinist pig spew garbage on and on.

     Tell us why you should not be drafted when men are.

     Tell us why you should not be forced to register.

     Tell us why you should be given a job when at some random and
unknowable time in the future you wont be able to BE on the job.

     Tell us how it is best for your children for you to have a career
away from your children.

     Tell us how it is good for society and the very men that terrorize
you to have your children brought up by surrogates in a day care center.

     Tell us how it is good to not teach your children at home.

     I know women who think that leash laws should include men.

     Tell us why leash laws should not include women.

     Tell us how men keep women down because men are assholes, but
the women that bore and rasied them had nothing to do with this
quality in men and couldn't change it if they tried.

     Tell us how the time to fix and educate men in to being civil
towards women if AFTER they have grown up and not during infancy
when the mother has some say so and can set an example.

     I mean to have something come out of YOUR body, and not know
if it is going to rape, kill or suck blood must really be
something else.

     Maybe you have some sympathy coming your way.

     Want to talk about it?

     Or are you all going to be feeble voices out of a corner for
the rest of your lives?

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      3/29/89 maternity leave