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Date:         Thu, 06 Apr 89 21:53:47 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      Re: a few things
To:           "Too Weird To Destroy (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Tue, 28 Mar 89 9:14:12 est

>  First I wish to thank you for your responses to my questions.  They brought
>a few more questions, but I'll ask them at a later date (some things don't
>change -- I'm still way behind on my reading my mail).
>  I did come across your "sexist remark."  As you could probably tell I
>wasn't all that offended, otherwise I probably wouldn't be writing back to
>you.  I'm assuming the remark was "some women seem to have missed that part
>of school."  I don't believe that is really a sexist remark since you used
>the existential quantifier instead of the universal one (some of us didn't
>miss that part of the school), which makes your statement true, just as "some
>men have missed that part of school" is true. :^) (note:  I'm not implying
>that you have, so I hope you didn't take it that way)
>  I do have a question, though.  In your message (re: alternatives -- March
>12, 4:10 pm) you said "Bodies HATE it.  Bodies WONT [sic] remember it unless
>you make them...Bodies have past track memories of their own and it is FULL of
>such stuff."  What I'm having a hard understanding is how a body has a memory
>and what it "remembers."
>                                        Shari

    Hello, Shari.

    I have not been ignoring you.  I have been cogitating on a war
I started on my own list on just this subject of sexism etc.

    Anyhow ask away.  I will see what I can do.

    Remebering that in the absence of any verifiable proof of YOUR OWN,
everything that I say is a theory, either of mine or of others before me.

    Usually I speak from my own direct experience, and when I don't
I try to preface my remarks with 'this is someones theory and should
be treated as such.'

    To your question.

    Bodies in their outward form are animals, and have a 'biochemical'
memory in their brains like all bodies. It is all virtualized
dream stuff, light picture, so the mechanics of the brain are an
illusion on an arcade game screen, but its all there in every detail.

      But bodies also have a spirit
that resides with them and helps them grow and maintain their inner
workings.  This spirit is most emphatically not YOU, you are the RIDER
of a body.  Let us call the spirit that maintains the body's inner
workings the Genetic Entity, or GE.

     The GE is a conscious dream unit just like you or me, but is either
in an earlier state of spiritual development where it has not yet attained
self consciousness, or is in a later state of decay where it has lost it.
This depends on which 'theory' you adhere to.  I would take both with
a grain of salt.

     The GE though as far as I can see is real and what ever its past
or destiny, it has an eternal memory just like you and me.  It lives
from body to body, transfering into a body at conception, (YOU transfer
in after birth), and transfers out of the body long after it is dead
and rotted (YOU transfer out right at death).

     From what I am TOLD, the GE hangs out after death to study the
process of decay to its final end.  YOU may hang out after death
to make sure your body is buried.   YOU feel you don't want to leave
a mess behind.  The GE revels in it.

     The GE stays with the body while it decays as a natural part
of its operation of a body.  YOU stay with a body after death
out of guilt.

     From my own disentanglement of my this life time memory, it is
apparent that I have contact with a number of memories that go back
many millions and millions of years, ONE of which among them is mine.
The rest appear to be memories of various GE's involved with my present
body (there can be a whole heirarchy of GE's for each body, but one
king pin GE) and some of these memories even seem to be memory snapshots
taken by a GE of the memory of another rider spirit that rode its body
in a past life of that GE.

     These memories can give rise to many dreams of places and times
that are very strange, and unfamiliar, but none the less crystal
clear and complete in every detail.

     Even dreams of being animals, as the GE has evolved its bodies
up through the scale of evolution from the first cell in the ocean,
just as Darwin said.  I am told the entire evolutionary track
is all there in the GE memory for anyone to look at.  Of course
you gotta be able to dare getting eaten by a dinosaur or a fish,
but what the hell, a little guts is all it takes.

     Skeptics would call it imagination.  If they would DARE
face the truth, they would come to know how OLD they REALLY are.
Of course imagination can create dub-in kinds of false memories too.

     But it is the crystal clarity that gives the real stuff away.

     And of course your own past life memories are obvious when
you really run into one, because there you are, you REMEMBER being
there and who you were and what you did, and you recognize the hell
out of the place.  Talk about nostalgia and lost times!

     You can even remember dub-in false memories you had in THAT
life time!

     It can get real sad remembering all the friends you did not
even know you forgot.  Scary too.

     Many people first start remembering all these memories in dreams.
Skeptics use this to invalidate the reality or validity of them.
But since the whole blooming universe is a dream, the dreams
we have when we sleep at night are no different and no less real.
Of course in THIS dream there are others with you dreaming in synch,
and when you are asleep, you dream alone, but you never know...

     Skeptics can doubt.  They do not have the confront for a REAL
memory of where we have been and who we were and what we did.
Most of it NOT on Earth.  A good deal of it not even in this Universe.

     From what I have been able to surmise, spirits playing the
game of being perennial assholes, have used their bodies to fight
their wars, and get back at each other for a very very long time.

     We torture the BODY to torture the spirit inside the body.
The body is an innocent victim and knows it.  It is so sad.

     The body feels that it has been taken over by the rider spirit
and although it can feel this is a good thing if the rider spirit
is bright and gentle and kind, it can also be terrifed of the the rider
spirit because very often bodies get ridden into the ground by very
psychotic spirits looking for a good way to die.

    Thus bodies are like beaten dogs or children, they consider
free sprits a mixed blessing.  They can not get away from the
rider spirit, and most riders have gotten STUCK to their bodies which
freaks BOTH of them out, and although bodies know the rider is much
smarter than they are and can give it a good life, much as a owner
gives a dog a better life, they also know from their past that there
is much likelihood of abuse.

     Bodies in this state tend to go into apathy and just sort of wait
cringing for what comes next.

     They lose their energy and get up and go, and you begin to feel that
YOU have to MAKE your body get up and DO everything.

     Bodies in their natural un burdened state are like dogs, they
can run and run all day long with out tiring.  But give them
a worried or totally crazy master, and they just wont operate anymore,
and the rider has to push its body along with every effort.

     Sometimes a body in a bad family can want to die.  It just up
and decides it is time to quit and start over in a new family.
It resents the hell out of the fact that its rider spirit made it
stay alive at all costs.  Often such bodies run around with chronic
headaches, aches and pains, depression, and drug addictions in their
later years, even long after they are no longer directly influenced
by their parents.

     Bodies, like traumatized children, are psychotic from many
millions of years of use and abuse.  It does not take much in
this age to scare the daylights out of them and make them go
on strike or into apathy.

     Getting your body to confront the worst from its past, like
all good psychotherapy, brings the body to present time, and it
can respond to the world as it is now, and not as it was during
World War II in some concentration camp.  On Rigel 6.

     Doing this process on the rider spirits of the body is also
necessary, as the body will never confront its past as long as
the rider is not confronting his OWN past.  Remember that the
rider spirit and the body spirit have two very different past
tracks both spanning millions if not trillions of years and not
all of it is on Earth, or in this Universe.

     I hope this is a start.

     Do not worry if I am silent for times.  Usually its because
I am thinking.

 Homer W. smith      Too Weird To Destro  4/06/89*a few things