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Resent-Date:  Thu, 06 Apr 89 22:44:56 EDT
Resent-From:  "Homer W. Smith" 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm
Date:         Sun, 12 Mar 89 23:46:28 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      psi abilities
To:           psi-l@rpicicge

I apologize to those of you who received this on PSI-L.  This was my
last posting of significance to that list, and for those who were
not on PSI-L at the time, here it is.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------

     It is a common thing to find people wondering why they
do not have psi abilities and others do.

     It is also a common thing to find this distinction between
psi abilities and non psi abilities.

     Take telekinesis for example.

     How many of you can move matter with your mind?

     Well all of you can.  You are doing it every minute of your
waking time when you command your brain to make your body move around.

     You see if you think you ARE a brain, then nothing is making the
brain do anything but the underlying biochemical processes.  So such
a person can then wonder how he might be able to move material obects
at a distance.

     But if you are a SPIRIT, a conscious unit, a dream ball, then
you are IN a body and can get OUT,
and it becomes obvious that the spirit is commanding the
brain of the body to do all sorts of things.

     Now either the spirit is communicating its will to the brain
by just giving it mental orders and the brain is obeying like
a well heeled dog or else the spirit is making the brain do its
bidding directly.

     In the first case the spirit must be using telepathy to
communicate to the brain its wishes, and, hell, if you can talk
to a piece of meat, surely you can talk to each other with the
same mechanism.  If you dare.

     In the second situation, the spirit must be directly causing the
brain to respond to its wishes and so this is direct telekinesis.

     Of course the amount of energy involved in pushing a few neurons
around is measured in the microvolts, certainly not enough to
lift a canon ball and drop it on the head of the nearest skeptic.

     But one of the main tricks the enslavers on the past track have done
is to tell you that you WERE a brain (silly you, why would you ever
believe that!?) and so your control of your brain had nothing to do
with telekinesis.  This way they made you think that telekinesis
was a SPECIAL power that YOU DIDNT HAVE.  But of course you could develop
it if you went to their Ordained School of Magic and payed 50 drachmas to
the Divine Order.

     So you see, the point is, that if you want to develop
psi abilities, you must start with owning up to the ones you
are already using.

     It is ridiculous if you sit inside your head and try
to move a pendulum 3 feet away.  Try poking around in your
brain and see if you can give yourself a head ache first.
Then graduate up to pendulums.

     There are 3 levels of control here.

     If you pick up your right hand with your left hand and move
your right hand with your left hand across the table, that is
the first kind of control.  You are exercising direct control
over your right hand and making it move.

     The second kind of control is you go into your brain and
poke around in it until you get your brain to move your right
hand where you want it.  That is how most of us operate all the time.

     The third kind of control is where you get out of your body
and you tell it to move its hand, much like you tell your dog
to 'come here' and the body obeys on its own.

     Of course after having been pushed around for 20 or 30 years
by the second kind of control, your body would probably just
stick its tongue out at you and head for the door.

     Then of course the thought control police would come and
take you down to the station where your body would already be
locked up in a pen, and they would give you hell for letting
your body out without a leash, and so most people stay well
glued to the inside of their heads lest they get in trouble
with the leash laws.

     None the less it is a noble enterprise getting people out of
their heads.  Spirits can exercise excellent command of all three
kinds over their bodies from a considerable distance away and so there
is no need to be IN a body giving it a headache and multiple drug
addictions everyday just to keep it well mannered.

     I was told a story a long time ago and I relate it to you here.
It is just a story of course and never happened but its fun never the

     Long ago a Master was trying to get his Adept-to-be out of his
head.  But the student would have nothing of it.  The Master tried and
tried always to be met with the total refusal of his student to

     The Master finally perceiving what the matter was went to the
butcher and bought the brain of a freshly slaughter calf.  He took the
brain home and gave it to the student to hold and handle.

     After the student got done flushing his lunch down the toilet, he
was finally able to hold the brain in his two hands without cringing
or vomiting.

     Then the Master had the student poke the brain, and turn it over,
and look at it from all angles, and smell it, and stick his nose into
it, and soon the student was able to do this with great merriment
enjoying the exercise all the way.

     But still the student would not get out of his body.

     So then the Master had the student poke his finger INTO the brain
from all sides making deep holes, and turn his fingers inside the
brain to feel its texture and temperature.

     Finally the Master had the student wring the brain out like a
sponge on to the floor.  The student finally go out of his body.

     You see, you are IN a BRAIN.  Yechh!

     At one time you could see where you were, but now you can only
see out of your eyes.

     So you have some poor guy sitting in a chair remote viewing with
his eyes closed trying to see Paris or Timbuktu, but he is unwilling
to see whats in his big intestine.  Or yours for that matter.  Get my

     Being able to NOT see Paris is just as much a psi ability
for an Immortal Omni Sovereign Being as being able to SEE Paris.

     The way in is the way out.
 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/06/89 psi abilities