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Resent-Date:  Thu, 06 Apr 89 22:48:19 EDT
Resent-From:  "Homer W. Smith" 
Resent-To:    adore-l@ualtavm
Date:         Wed, 08 Mar 89 22:21:28 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: Why are we here? and other ponderables
To:           Parapsychology Discussion Forum 
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Old psi-l.

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     Considering the slime thrown at me on the SKEPTICS list and
even on my own list ADORE-L it is no wonder I might be a bit
hesitant to talk about anything direct on the subject of anything
not in the 'mortal-made-of-meat' catalgue of accepted realities.

     If you have seen a ghost and talked to a ghost and you tell
this to someone who does not believe in ghosts, they will think
you are insane, thinking something real that is really a hallucination.

     Thus one's reputation is at stake when talking about these

     Our reputation is the most valuable thing we have and so
no one in their right mind would admit something of importance in
a world where most of the people responsibile for our jobs and
liscence to survive are meat balls who bow and pray to the God
of Death and Dust in the Wind.  Or the God of Hell Forever.

     Immortality and Divinity, especially when assigned to the
spirit, are in big disrepute in this joint (Earth), and subjects
like fully self determined exteriorization receive mainly cat calls.
Or terror from the governmental authorities who would not be able
to regiment you or keep secrets from you if you could get out of
your body for real.

     Most of you who are on this list are also on the SKEPTICS list
and are aware of what I am talking about.  Many skeptics are really
disbelievers, and are not skeptics at all.

     Disbelievers are just as bad as believers as neither has
a basis in CERTAINTY, and in fact they are very certain that there
can be no basis in certainty.

     To get people to talk about getting out of their body, or
dreams of past and gone civilizations, or telepathy on either
the mental or emotional plane, will involve providing a safe
space free from the compulsive doubters and naysayers.

     People often will not release all the charge stored up in
their suppresed anger, fear, propitiation, sorrow and apathy,
especially the losses they have suffered with past bodies,
in the presence of invalidation and negative evaluation that
is rampant on open lists.

     People can not remember their past lives for a reason,
which reason they can not remember either.

     They do not get it back in one day, they have a trillion
years to unroll, and there is lots and lots of fear to handle.

     Further it is not of advantage of have and show powers
on this planet, cause fully 99 percent of the world would
want to use you to their ends.

     Power involves and stems from responsibility.  But on Earth
responsibility is equated with blame.

     Responsibility means CAUSE not blame, but people confuse
cause with blaming themselves.  They do not see how blaming
themselves is the same as saying I did not know it would be this way,
or I did not make it that it would be this way,
so it is not my fault.  They are saying it is not my fault it is my fault.

     Or any one of a number of things that boils down to
I am responsibile but I am not CAUSE.

     I am CAUSE means I wanted it, I did it, and it came out exactly
as I intended.  No surprises (unless you cause them) and no unwanted

     With this level of responsibility power is available.  But this
is a non trivial accomplishment, certainly beyond me in much measure.

     But it is a path that can be followed and is being followed
by many silently.

    If you want them to TALK about it though, something will have to
change concerning the people who would rather live once and die.

    Most of the charge we have built up in life is the result of
run ins with and irresponsibility for this very kind of person,
the nay sayers, so to expect people to open up and discover themselves
in the presence of the very people who have tried their best to
dig our graves, is hard at best.

     Of course they always do it for our own good, to save us
from our own silly superstitions etc.

     No, they do it for their own good.  They do not want
to remember their personal past, and the personal trail of bodies they have
left behind them over the last trillion years.

     We are Immortal.  We are Divine.  Class is the ruling
principle with existance, but Class is prone to operating Majesty,
which is the impulse to play pratical jokes on ourselves.

     Thus the life of the Imp Soul.

     Some people can handle the joke they played on themselves,
others will take more time and do not take kindly to suggestions
that there is a joke involved in life.  In fact they will go
out of their way to PROVE to you that the world is not a joke,
by trying to make you cry.

     If you are interested in reading something to stir up this list,
you might try looking at the charter of ADORE-L.  This is not
an invitation to join, of course you may do so, but the rules
of that game differ from the rules here.

     Also the vocal ones on ADORE-L seem to be mainly cynical
Dust in the Winders.  They really put a clamp on things.

     But the ADORE-L material will give you some fun reading.

     tell listserv at ualtavm review adore-l

     If you want to hear more from me, lets try to handle the
nay sayers.  Its hard for me not bring out the meat ball blaster
when I hear them start in.
 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/06/89*Why are we here? and other po