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Resent-Date:  Thu, 06 Apr 89 22:50:55 EDT
Resent-From:  "Homer W. Smith" 
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Date:         Fri, 10 Mar 89 17:48:47 EST
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      Re: Hey, baby, your reality or mine?
To:           Parapsychology Discussion Forum 
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>view.  I also feel that physical reality holds as much validity and reality
>as 0 dimensional consciousnesses projecting hallucinations reality does.
>What makes one reality more valid than the others if we're all just
>hallucinating anyway?

     Are you saying that all realities are true and false and neither
regardless of what they say?

     Either the external universe exists or it does not.

     If it exists then it is not my own personal hallucination
and has causation of its own.

     If it does not exist, then it is our personal hallucination,
and we must have willfull control over it, leading to as much
power and psi ability as you could want limited only
by your imagination.

     Since the world in this theory is only crystalized imagination
itself, the external hallucination of physical reality is in itself
a psi ability to be used and cherised.

     I don't know if that answers your question, becuase you seemed
to be implying that all realities are equally true regardless of
what they claim.

>        I'm very interested in why you feel that your reality is the real
>one (unless I'm reading you wrong and that's not what you're saying).  I'd
>like to know what in your experience has led you to this perspective.  I'm
>not issuing this as a challenge but as a sincere interest.  I know this is
>vague and I'm not sure how to formulate these questions without getting
>into a lot of philosophy, so if I'm unclear then ask me questions about my

     The key word is experience.  You have to HAVE similar experiences
to consider that you had any evidence that what I said was true.
Or could be true.

     I can not give you those experiences and since some of them
almost killed my body (sure felt like it anyway) I should be
careful about what I try to bring about.

     I certainly was not ready for some of the stuff I ran into
and still am running into.

>        Why the particular vision that you have?  What makes it more real
>then meat ball reality?

     The first that makes it real is my certainty that it is impossible
to have any certainty that there IS an external meat ball universe.
Since all data comes through consciousness, and since consciousness
COULD be hallucinating any image it sees, I can not take my own
consciousness of an external universe as evidence of an external universe.

     Mind you the picture I see in my consciousness of pretty colors,
and trees and space and time is very real, THE PICTURE IN MY CONSCIOUSNESS
IS REAL FOR SURE, so it makes sense that SOMETHING is behind all the
detail and consistency that is evidenced in it.

     All the pain too.

     The external meat ball universe is a convenient explantion
as to why we have all this detail of space and time in our conscious
pictures.  But it is only one explanation.

     It is sort of like most people when they have dreams don't realize
they are dreaming until they wake up.  It seems real enough.  Sometimes
I do have dreams where I know I am dreaming.  Since I know I can wake
up at will I usually try to do some pretty strange things in those
dreams, sort of daring it to hurt me.

     But if I don't know I am dreaming, I respond to my dream sequences
as if they were real.

     Most of my life I lived in this waking world thinking it was real.
Now I know I am dreaming.  The difference is that others are in this
dream with me too, and I cant just go around jumping girls bones
in this dream, because some other sleeper is attached to MY PICTURE
of HER BONES.  Get it?  It is a sharing of imagination to the point
where if I poke one of my pictures, someone else will feel it in their

     One explanation for this is that there really is a common
universe out there and hopefully our conscious pictures are
connected to it.  The other explanation is that some
underlying source is allowing us to co image all this external stuff
very much the way a micro processor projects many figures on the
screen of an arcade game.  I have my arcade game, and you have yours,
but underlying both is ONE MICROPROCESSOR so that if we choose we can
have what happens to a figure on one game immediately happen to the
same figure on another game too.

     Thus all spirits are linked in the virtual dream machine of life.

     Yeah, Yeah, so I am crazy.  We shall see...

Do you feel that linear reincarnation is a more
>correct interpretation than simultaneous reincarnation?

     I have no idea at all about this.  My memory track is full
of pain and fear and craziness even beyond my ability to describe.
I have read all sorts of things about this, all of them contradict
each other and none of them match excatly what I am diggin up out
of my own past.

     It is possible our memory tracks have been played with
as an effort to keep us all down in the past million years,
so there could be a lot of confusion on the matter.

Are you conclusive
>about your reality, or is it always growing/changing?

     Only meatballs never change or grow.

     They merely stew.

What do you feel is
>the difference between hallucination and reality?

     Consciousness is real, actual.  Pictures in consciousness are
real, actual.  But they show a world of external things.  Just
as a movie at the cinema does.  We look at TV and we know the people
we see are not really there.  It is just a picture.  Well our
consciousness is just a TV, and most people take the picture to
represent the existance of something physical out in the cold cruel

     A hallucination is when someone sees something as if it were
real, and thinks it really is out there because he sees it, but
it ain't.

     Actually two better words are illusion and dellusion.

     The picture is an illusion of external stuff, and we become
delluded if we think there really is something out there to match it.

     The meat ball theory says there is.

     The dream ball theory says there ain;t.

     Of course the dream ball theory has a VERY HARD time of
explaining what is reponsibile for all the detail and consistency
of the projection.  There is a lot of data in it.

What do you think could
>be a gentile way to open the eyes of someone who is holocentered to new

    What means holocentered?

    My approach to others is my approach to myself.

    Attain certainty that I exist.  Attain certainty that my
pictures exist.  Attain certainty that I can not attain certainty
that the land of meat balls exists.

     Consider the possibility of the world being a projection of
my own imagination.  Consider the possibility that I am reponsibile
for the projection being there and forgetting that I did this many
zillions of years ago.

     Realize that to remember something it is best to do it again.

     Practice forgetting having created the universe or any problem
in it, until I remember forgetting it originally.

     Then hold my breath as I scare the living daylights out of

>        Also, thanks for the colorful, if somewhat derogatory, imagery.  Is
>being slimed because of ideas of the supernatural a reference to
>Ghostbusters? (kidding)


     Meat balls slime you with endless dripping sarcasm and slime
concerning your manhood and what a chicken you are because you can
not confront hard meat ball reality as it is and have to invent
some dream ball theory to run away too.

     You see, meat balls have suffered.  SUFFERED.  And they
don't like being told is was a joke by them on them.

     Warning, extreme religious dogma follows.

     JOKE stands for Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

     JEST stands for Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.
     JEST stands for Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     JOY  stand for Jokes On You.

     They will do anything to prove you wrong.  Including lie, and kill.
>-Steve Bearman
 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/06/89*Hey, baby, your reality or mi