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Date:         Sun, 12 Mar 89 15:55:03 EST
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: alternatives
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     Of course everything that Ben says is correct about me
and Norm.

     I view Norm as a person whose sole interest in PSI is to debunk
it because he can not stand the thought that someone is walking around
thinking they can get out of their bodies.  I used to be this way
about Christians and their salvation.

     This is admittedly a narrow view of a person, but until I am
sure it is wrong I must harbor it for a while longer.

     Although I have not talked explicitly about my personal psi
experiences, I HAVE gone on at great length concerning the theories
that have been evolved that might make them possible and the techinques
that might make them available to others.

     It is much safer to show others how to have psi experiences
than to talk about your own, because in the absence of their own
experiences, yours will seem like just so much misinterpreted insanity.

     I have been in this business for years, and the negative reactions
I get when discussing actual experiences are legion, even from people
who have had their own.

     On the other hand when I discuss 'the way in is the way out' they
have something real to think about and apply to themselves and test
it to see if it stirs something up.

     Lastly, as I have said before but it falls on deaf ears, it is very
dangerous to let others know you have psi abilities especially if THEY DO
believe you, because they will take all your friends and torture them until
you do their bidding.   This is common behavior on the past track that no
one remembers and is part of WHY no one remembers it.  It is hard to stomach.
Bodies HATE it.  Bodies WONT remember it unless you make them.  It is usually
the BODY that gets tortured for the activities of the SPIRIT that has
the psi ability in the first place.   Bodies have past track memories
of their own and it is FULL of such stuff.

     Your average body would rather fold up and die than remember
what spirits have been doing to them and with each other over
the past few million years.
 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/06/89*alternatives