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Date:         Thu, 06 Apr 89 22:59:14 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      RE: REAL work
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 28 Mar 89 09:13:00 EST from 

>real work?  equality?  i wonder about this.  and it all becomes clear.
>about twice a week.  when i get in the ring to spar with some of the
>young ladies at our karate school.  there is something about being smashed
>into the wall that brings these things into focus.
>jim penny
>academic computing manager
>nc a&t state university

     Yes I would have to agree with this.  If martial arts were
taught in all schools from kintergarten on up, then all this
hubbub about rape and defenseless women would be history.

     And while we are at it, lets send them to Viet Nam.
They can show us how to really kick ass.

     But why is this not done?  Why are martial arts not
taught in school?  Because men want to keep women down?
Because women don't want to chip their nail polish?

     Why are women not DEMANDING that self protection be a natural
part of gym.  Gym and physical fitness would be SO much more
interesting if this were done.  As it was it was a joke.

     Gym was definitely one of the biggest sins there was in
my education.  If I had been taught how to fight girls, I would
would have loved every minute of it.  And the girls would
have turned out human rather than pansy assed lipstick carriers.

 Homer W. smith      Adore-l list         4/06/89*REAL work