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Date:         Thu, 06 Apr 89 23:05:59 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      re operation
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 28 Mar 89 15:29:00 CST from 

>>                                                       I wish the rest of
>> the list would jump in on this one...
>[Jim McCabe, 3-27-89]
>        Homer, the entire Adorian philosophy (so far as I can gather from the
>postings on this list) seems to be based on the idea that we are all divine,
>and chose this apparent 'existence' for ourselves.  Correct?  We chose to
>forget our divinity, and tie ourselves into the bodies that we 'see' on this
>planet.  What I don't understand yet is WHY we would do such a thing.

     MAJESTY.  JOKE.   LAUGHTER.  The IMP soul is having some imperial fun at
its own expense.  You have to see it to believe it.  But it is
not for the weak hearted.

>        Presumably, we had a very good reason for operating that Alpha Lock
>key to start with.  We may not remember the reason now, nor even the act of
>operating it, but it seems likely that we had such a reason.  Do you now, in
>your self-admitted unenlightened state, feel that you have adequate reason to
>reverse what must have been a momentous decision?  At times, you hint that our
>reason for doing so was to forget terrible actions and occurrences of the
>distant past.  Has your time on Earth matured you sufficiently to deal with
>these things now?

     Will FURTHER TIME ON EARTH help me mature MORE so that I am
better able to deal with it in the future.  NO.  We last in this
place as long as we fool ourselves that NOT dealing with our past
was the correct way to deal with it.  It never was.  Continuance
in this path leads to greater and greater degradation and less and less
opportunity to reverse the mistake.  It will be hard to go free if
and when the bombs start dropping.

>        If you know the reason, please share it with us, or tell us where we
>can look to find out for ourselves.  If you know that you don't know, why do
>you think that we want to remember?  I can't say that my existence as I
>perceive it is perfect, but it could certainly be a lot worse, and if I chose
>this existence it was probably to avoid something worse.

     At least you are honest, and you have a right to your hell.

     But NO existance, no matter how good, is a good existance if
it is created in order to avoid something worse.  Doing this
has a kickback.  One day the piper must be paid.  Reality becomes a drug
addiction to the 'forgetters'.

     One the other hand as long as you CHOOSE to avoid your past,
and CHOOSE to stay EARTH BOUND in order to avoid your past, you
are at least owning up to doing this, and the consequences will
be a lot less than if you continue to do it unknowingly saying all
along 'I did not choose.'

     In fact it is possible that the only way to get into trouble
with any choice is to deny the choice.  So if you accept that you chose,
then maybe you can continue to do so forever with out serious bad

     But lets not be glib.  How safe can you be IN a body?

     Besides everything you forgot was a lie anyhow.  You are
a GOOD guy in the scheme of things, not a bad guy.  So why forget
for more than a while?  Forgetting was just a lark and should not
become more serious than this.

     It has though for me and many others.  I, however, want out.
It was wrong for me, and now I see this.

     But I am still way buried.  I have a way to go
to get free.

>        It seems to me (pardon the use of that phrase) that forgetting might
>well be a one-way street, where no re-operation is possible.  In this current
>existence, I have at times forgotten where I put my car keys, but at the moment
>I can't remember any of these times explicitly.  Thus, I have forgotten
>forgetting, correct?

     Yes, correct.

However, this does not mean that I can now remember where
>my car keys were at those times, which is the thing I forgot in the first
>place.  Might it be the same thing with our own divinity?  Admittedly, car keys
>are not quite on the same order of magnitude with godhood, but if the analogy
>is invalid, could you tell me where it breaks down?

     The analogy does not break down.  In the first place you must
practice CONSCIOUSLY FORGETTING forgetting. Just letting it happen,
is just letting it happen.  This does not work.

     Also you must analyze how much you might not want to remember,
especially if it happens too fast.

     Also, you are right, car keys are not divinity.  There is a long
of chain of forgotten things.  Lost loves, wars, pain, torture, people
who you don't know if they are alive anymore or not, all kinds of things.
It has to be done in the right order.  Not sure what that order is, YET.
>> But you have always stated off with a framework that did NOT say that
>> YOU made it and YOU jumped into it and YOU forgot and if you re operate
>> these actions YOU will get back in/out.
>>                               In fact the way to find out that you
>> are a God, is to make yourself believe that you are NOT a god.
>> Then your god hood will come back to you  (Very slowly, there are
>> a LOT of beasts in the way.)
>[Homer W. Smith, 3-28-89]
>        I can't quite see how these two things fit together.  They seem to be
>contradicting each other.  We've been making ourselves believe that we're not
>gods for our whole lives, right?  Why don't we remember anything then?  What am
>I missing in what you're saying?
    Yes, you are missing the all important KNOWING THAT YOU ARE CHOOSING
TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOT A GOD, and not just believing it for some
other reason.  OWNING RESPONSBILITY for the condition is imperative
to make it go away.

     You are missing the 'Observation/Consideration Flip Flop'

     From ADORE:

     The difference between a Human and a God:

     The Human CONSIDERS that he OBSERVES that he can not handle some things.
     The God OBSERVES that he CONSIDERS that he can handle anything.

     A God creates by Knowing first, and Looking Second.  He SEES what he
has created because he knew what he wanted to see FIRST and then put it
there to SEE.  The Human Looks first, and Knows second.  The human considers
that what is out there is already out there with out his say so, and he
has to LOOK at it in order to KNOW about it.  This is called
Learning by LOOKING.  Pretty obvious, but totally wrong from
the point of view of an all responsibile God.

     So the point is, we walk around believing we are not God, because
we have LOOKED and LEARNED that we are not God.  We do not say we are
not Gods because we CHOOSE to not be Gods.  We say we are not Gods, because
we have LOOKED and it is OBVIOUS we are not Gods.  There is no CHOICE
involved, except to LOOK and LEARN.  But LOOKING and LEARNING is not
CREATIVE RESPONSIBILITY for the condition involved.

     LEARNING is an inflow.  CREATION is an outflow.

     KNOWING by LOOKING is an inflow.  (Human)

     LOOKING by KNOWING is an outflow. (God)

     The question is, does the KNOWING take place BEFORE the LOOKING,

     But it is all a matter of consideration.

     At the very moment of LOOKING, you cant tell the difference.
You can say it is there to be looked at BECAUSE you knew it first,
or you can say you are knowing about it BECAUSE you looked at it first.

The LOOKING does not change.  Only the consideration about CAUSE changes.

     It is totally arbitrary which consideration of cause you choose.
However the correct one allows you to keep control over the object,
because you are saying you KNEW it first and SAW it second, and the
incorrect consideration allows you to get stuck with the object,
because you are saying it was out there all along and you found out
about it by running into it and looking at it.   By saying this you
it was already out there independant of your say so, and you found out
about it with out ever having made it.

     This is THE basic trick that a spirit plays on itself with its
own dream stuff, conscious pictures.

     At the moment you are
looking at something, you can merely flipflop your viewpoint from
'I know it is there BECAUSE I see it is there', to 'I see it is there
BECAUSE I know it is there'.

     This is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your creation.

     It is turning OBSERVATION, which is being an EFFECT, LEARNING

     This material is hard, but it is real.  If we keep at it,
maybe we can get it expressed in terms everyone can understand.
At least we will have a clear THEORY that can then be tested.

     The THEORY is clear to me up to a point.  Whether it is real
or not is up to all of us to try it and see.

>        These are some of the reasons that Adore does not "ring true" for me.
>I suspect (but I know that I don't know) there are others on this list with the
>same problem, the "silent listeners".  Mind clarifying, for all our benefits?
>                                                        Sterling

    Keep bringing up the objections, and I will keep trying to clarify
the theory.

    Also please remember that ADORE is not original material with me.
It has all be said in other words before.  I have had to spend many years
though putting it into words where it began to work for ME.  Thus it
is my words that I write to you.  But I am hardly THE messiah.

     We are ALL reluctant messiahs, and many have come before me, and
many more will come after.  To do a better job no doubt.

     Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin,
     Miracles in Majesty, THATS where I've been.

 Homer W. smith      Adore-l list         4/06/89 re operation