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Date:         Thu, 06 Apr 89 23:53:41 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      re operation
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ok you might say,

     'Well I forgot what I did, and I forgot what I did to
forget what I did, so how the hell am I supposed to reoperate
forgetting what I did?

     Am I supposed to REMEMBER how I forget what I did, so I can forget
what I did again, and so remember what I forget what I did?'


     This is a very good question, and in fact it is part of the trap on
how we made it stick so hard.

     Trying to remember what we did to forget, so we can do it again, so
we can remember what we forget is not only illogical but it does not

     You have forgotten how to forget and remember.  Trying to remember
how to forget and remember wont work because you FORGOT this.

     Get it?

     So how do we get out of the trap?



     But by DOING it again.

     But how can I DO it again, if I cant REMEMBER WHAT to DO again?

     This is a good question, and in fact it should be pointed out that
you CAN (in other circumstances) remember what you did to forget.  It IS
there in your memory.  But you forgot it too, so right now trying to
remember it wont do you any good.

     So how can you DO it again in order to recover your memory?

     You just DO it.  You don't REMEMBER it.  You DO it.

     You did not REMEMBER it the FIRST time you did it.  You just knew
how to do it.

     You see just because you have forgotten WHAT you did to forget,
does not mean you are no longer able to still do it.

     Just DO it.

     Forgetting is a NATURAL ability of the spirit.  The spirit does not
have to REMEMBER what to do to be able to do something.  The spirit CAN
remember what to do, IF he has stored it in his memory, but if he has
FORGOTTEN that memory, then trying to REMEMBER what to do is not the way
to go.

     But the ABILITY to forget is still there, even if the MEMORY of HOW
to FORGET is not.  The memory came AFTER the ability anyhow.

     You don't have to REMEMBER HOW to be Divine.  You can just do it.
That is part of being Divine.  Isn't that nice?

     If however you stick your Divinity in your memory and then forget
that memory and THEN you say you have to remember your memory again in
order to be Divine, but you have to be Divine in order to remember your
memory again, why you have created a trap for yourself.  You are saying
you have to be Divine to free your memory, but you have to free your
memory to remember how be Divine.  Silly, isn't it?

     Its called MAJESTY.  Practical Jokes galore.

     But it is based on the lie that you have to REMEMBER your Divinity
to operate it again.  You don't.

     Just do it.  THEN maybe you will remember you never had to remember
in order to remember.

     You had to forget.  So just DO it.

     But OWN it while you are doing it.

     Pegasus had wings of Pride.  Eternal Omni Pride.

     The Gods should ride their high horses again.

     Do it right.

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/07/89 re operation