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Date:         Sun, 09 Apr 89 13:18:04 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      materinity leave/equal rights
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Being basically in the middle of deep turmoil on the subject
of equal rights and maternity leave, I am just going to state
the two sides of my conflict.

     By the way, if women get materinity leave, do men get to get it also?

     Side 1.

     From ADORE:

     For every Duty there is a Right.
     For every Right there is a Duty.

     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen Duties.
     Fair chosen means you CHOSE it with full awareness of the

     Nothing pisses me off more than females demanding equal
rights but not equal duties.

     Females do not have any duties of comparable magnitude
to being drafted and having to go off to a war not of one's own choice.

     Because men have a duty that women do not, men also have a right
that women do not.

     It don't know what that right is, but sure as hell it is there.

     I believe a draft is wrong.  If a country does not band together
on its own free will to defend itself in time of need, then Darwinian
selection will tell you that that country is on its way out.

     Forcing people to fight wars against their own choice, or even
registering people against their own choice is decadent and immoral.

     If going to war or being registered were mandated in a constitutional
amendment to be of free choice only, and the draft and forced registration
were to be made unconstitutional BY AMMENDMENT, then this country
would be worth fighting for.

     As it is, it isn't.

     However, as long as there is a draft, or enforced registration,
then men have a duty that women do not, and men deserve a right in
return that women do not.

     Rights are not free.  Duties are not free.

     When ever you have rights without duties, or duties without
rights you have the end of justice.

     Side 2.

     I have worked at Cornell Computer Services for more years than
I have fingers on my hands.  (I can't count any higher.)

     CCS is manned by a throughly mixed population of men and women
all of whom are college age or just above.  Most of the people here
who run the computer and service its users are people who went
to school here and who stayed on afterwards as Cornell lifers.

     Thus CCS has many many women in it who are in their prime
child rearing years, and in fact just about every woman I know here
has had 2 or more children over the last 10 years and has had to
deal with the problem of 'what happens to my job while I am gone.'

     I have found that my best friends at CCS are these very women.
They are inteligent, sensitive, concerned, high tech individuals
who bring the feminine touch to an otherwise cold and clinical

    CCS would be a horror hole if the women who work here did not.

    Nothing could be worse for CCS as a whole and my future with these
people in specific if the women of CCS were forced to lose their
jobs because of a pregnancy or were not hired for such reasons.

    In many ways we are one big family at CCS, and that family includes a whole
mess load of kids.

     Usually Cornell is reasonable about materinity leave, but sometimes
it isn't.  So the matter is a very important one since almost all of
its highly skilled employees are people of child rearing age.

     People who are very devoted and of exceptional caliber to be
putting up with some of the stuff that goes down here.

     Thus protecting maternity leave and other benefits that are
special to women and their needs is of the utmost importance
to the functioning of this community.

     But the fact remains that Duties and Rights must be in balance
or injustice results.

     By the way, Trish, has left the list.

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/09/89 materinity leave/equal rights