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Date:         Mon, 10 Apr 89 22:28:07 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 28 Mar 89 20:39:48 CDT from 

He deluges this list with wordplay which
>can only obscure whatever truths may (or may not) lie behind it. Homer Smith
>cannot have it both ways.

     The wordplay with which I indulge this list is very valuable
wordplay.  I am giving adore-l what I wish someone had given me
when I was a kid and wondered how come I was so ignornant and how
to change it.

Wordplay is no substitute for inner experience; to
>rely on it for transmission of religious truths is to fall into the same trap
>into which contemporary Christianity has fallen. It is better to describe one's
>experiences and indicate the path toward them, no more.

     There are three things I can write.

     1.) My experience.
     2.) My method.
     3.) My conclusions.

     My experiences I refuse to share for reasons already clearly
stated.  THIS is ONE of the conclusions I have reached.

     My method I am sharing freely.  Much more than anyone else
on this list in fact.  It surpises me that Nick is so critical
of my postings, yet HIS postings have been mostly super cynical.
What have we learned from NICK about how to attain spiritual freedom?
Has HE given us any concrete theory about how it all works to test
and ask questions of, or even disprove?  Has HE made ANY effort to
show us how to attain the experiences we might be seeking to give
us some hint of light at the end of our lives?

     My conclusions I also share, but not totally freely.  There is
much I keep in reserve.  Some because it is too wild and out gradient
for people who I do not know.  My reputation is at stake here and if
it is already not destroyed, then it could well be.  I have to WORK
with people who might read this list, you know, and if they think
I am crazy it wont help my life situation.  Espcially Fundamentalist

     Not just here at Cornell, but around the world.  ART MATRIX is a
big and expanding enterprise reaching all corners of the Earth.
We get flak all the time from people about our SCIENTIFIC
writings.  Imagine the flak we would get about the ADORE stuff?!

     All I need is some jerk going around saying that Homer thinks
he is a God.  That is true of course, but I also think the jerk
is a God too.  The jerk will conveniently leave this last point out.
That is why he is the jerk.

     We are ALL Bozo's on this bus.
     The question is WHO HANDED OUT THE BOZO SUITS?

     I actually endanger myself
by discussing this subject matter with such candor.  If no one appreciates
my efforts, then certainly it would not be wise for me to continue
to speak lest I give the entire ball game away.

     But if a few of you wish to hear what I have to say, then up to
a point it is worth risking the gossip engendered by jerks and assholes.
Mortals are not a kind bunch, and mostly Mortals either despise or are
afraid of Immortals.  But that is just part of the Karma that Immortals
have to face.  If it is worth it, it is worth it.  If not, it is
better to shut up, and go free alone and in quiet.  Leave the assholes
to their pit that they dig for themselves and everyone around them.

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         4/10/89 No subject