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Date:         Wed, 19 Apr 89 17:15:41 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: Life is a Holodeck theory
To:           "Atlanta Bound? (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Sat, 1 Apr 89 17:13:15 est

>  Well, I've gotten caught up with all your messages, and I think I
>understand what the theory is trying to say.
>  I do still have a question about how animals fit into the theory.
>Everything made sense except when you started to explain male and female
>halves.  You said, "when these spirits finally get to the self conscious stage
>they go through a sort of test wherein their male and female halves become
>separated into two distinct projections.  Their job is to bring them back into
>alignment again as a whole being."  Can you explain this a little further?
>Also, I was wondering if you could reccomend any books that talk about this
>theory it detail.  I am really interested in learning more.
>                                Thanks,
>                                Shari

    The theory is a common theme in many religions where in sex is
somehow associated with sin and the Fall from Grace.

    It is also a VERY anthropocentric theory, wherein HUMAN forms
are special, in fact the whole universe runs around them.  Once
the male female split took place in the human form, the whole animal
kingdom was formed from the various good and bad desires of humans
that get freed when they die and go through their inbetween lives
existance.  The implication is that before the human in reborn, all
these desires must be regathered back from the animals that were living
them out so that the human will have another change to balance and thus
cancle them out forever in her next life time.

     It is sort of an anti evolutionary theory in the extreme.

     Frankly I do not buy it for a moment.

     But I do know the SPIRIT has had the sexual part of themselves
severely split in two and punished dearly for trying to bring
them together in sex down through the ages.

     You think sex is taboo on Earth, you should see how it was
a few million years ago in the system many of us came from.
You could get executed for mating out of season.  And they would
kill you with PAIN, not force.  Not pretty.

     Much of the fixation on sex that happens in this days world
is the result of the spirit being locked into a body of just one sex.
They have this terrible one way 'I am a boy, I have always been a boy,
I will never be anything but a boy, and boy do I wish I were a girl'
flow going on.  Girls have the opposite flow.  The spirit tries
to attain sexual freedom by making the bodies have sex.  This results
in deeper and deeper INTERIORIZATION because it is granting too much
beingness to the body and not recognizing the spirits ability to
get out of its body and go be anything it wants, boy or girl or car.

    It must be remembered that spirits on Earth have come down
through many many universes before they reached rock bottom
in this one, and that the stories we hear about split sexes and
self exile from the 'Realm of Permanence' may have happened
untold eons ago in earlier more magical universes.

    As far as I am concerned the theories sound a bit wild to me,
and so far bear no evidence in my own memory which is much more
involved in a far simpler scenarior of spirits getting involved
with bodies, hurting them, feeling sorry for them, having wars
over them and eventually becoming dedicated to them.

     But my memory only goes back as far as I have been able to dig up,
and who knows what I have shut out or what happened earlier.

     It must also be remembered that much of what people call their
memory is actually IMPLANTED memory to give the spirit a false track
so that he/she could get really fouled up.

     These implants happened between lives and before bodies, so there
is not a lot of reality on them during our waking state, and a lot
of duress was implemented against the spirit to get him/her to accept
the memory as its own.

     The spirit itself was involved in implanting others before
it got caught in its own trap, so there is much hidden responsibility
in all this implanting.  In fact one of the favorite memory implants is
the one dedicated to making the spirit think it had never implanted
anyone, so it would never remember how the implants worked and free itself.

     Spirits rarely succumb to traps they themselves did not invent
or operate earlier on other poor souls who also were up to the
same thing before.  The regression goes back for ever because the
universe, as a universe, has been around forever, and new spirits
keep coming into it, falling down from other universes, just to get
involved in the games their fore fathers have already succumbed to.

     This place ain't called Killer Pit for nothing.

     It is highly probable that most religions on this planet today
have at their basis implants that directly told the spirit what
to think and what to do, what was sin and what was good, and
what had happened in history and why and how it was supposed to
affect the spirit in this life.  Thus much of religion is bogus.
Of course the implanters also threw in some wisdom just to confuse
the issue.

     However if you want to read or look at a book wherein this
theory of the split sexes is reported in detail, I would direct you
to 'Thinking and Destiny' by Percival.  It can be gotten through any
Theosophist outlet or probably in any major library.

     I found it in our school library in 1972 and it took me 15 years
to read it mostly from cover to cover.  Your best bet is to look up
'sex' in the index and all related subjects and just read the parts
on that subject.  The rest is too detailed a description of the
various planes of existance to muddle through.

 Homer W. Smith      Atlanta Bound? (Fel  4/19/89*Life is a Holodeck theory