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Date:         Wed, 19 Apr 89 20:02:06 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      why do i get so riled?
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Mon, 3 Apr 89 19:30:00 EDT from 

>Although religion has had many great men of peace.  I don't think we
>can dismiss all of the pain, suffering and war that religion has
>caused.  Religion has a guise of being self rightious.  I simply
>cannot accept that religion is necissary or needed.  More thought must
>be put into the question of weather religion is necissary for peace.
>Before we concead that religion is necissary lets not forget its
>formadable history.
>The crusades                     The inqusition
>The Japanese Empire              The bloody wars over Isreal
>Iranian terrorism

     The world seems to be divided into two camps.

     The first camp does not believe in God or Immortality or
Spirit or whatever, and they view religion as a creation of man,
either to allay unconfrontable fears of death or as an expression
of man's desire for the things which don't exist but wished did.

     The second camp believes in God, Immortality and Spirit, and
sees religion as fundamental to life and of course always right.

     The first camp sometimes thinks that religion is good for
people if it makes them more civil, even if it works as a drug by
deadening peoples perception of the cold hard reality of death
and meaninglessness of life.

     But they are also the first to point out that much of the
turmoil on the planet is caused by these very religions waring
against each other and the various heathen atheists.

     I belong to a third camp.

     I believe in Divinity, Immortality and Spirit (and Total
Responsibility by the way) but I also believe that 99.9 percent
of what passes for religion on this planet has been intelligently
manufactured by evil people to lead others astray into war and hate
and struggle for the right way to salvation.

     Thus like the second camp, I believe that religion is fundamental
to life and necessary, but like the first camp, I believe that
there is much rotten in Denmark as the saying goes.

     I am sort of like the person who believes that all these
ranting and raving religions that rant and rave about the Devil
and sin and Eternal Damnation (and one life) were themselves
written BY the Devil to tie up hypocrites in their hate and fear
and total irresponsibility for their condition and birth on Earth.

     The more the religion CLAIMS to come directly from God, the
more it ACTUALLY came from the Devil and should be treated

     Thus I feel that without some religion to guide us back
to our Immortality and Responsibility for Condition, we are all
doomed.  Some Mortal men do not want to live and would gladly push
the red button.  Thus as long as there are mortal men or one lifers
on this planet there will always be trouble.

     However the religion that becomes born to handle this job,
but be free of the Devil implants that grow like cancers
on the other major world religions of today.

     A Devil implant is,

     'Christ died for your sins.'

     'You can not do anything to make yourself perfect'

     'Some people go to hell forever'

     'Only our religion is right and all others are Devil worship'

     'You did not chose to be born on Earth'

     'You will never be born on Earth again even if you BEG
      God to let you come back here to help again.'

     You know, all the stuff that is standard offensive material
to all the self righteous upstanding Christians/Islamics that are seeing
red right about now.

     Well they can all go back to their sin or their vice that
only the grace of God can help them over, because they are not
helping us bring peace to the planet, because they are too busy
converting people or sending them to hell or to jail or what
ever just dessert they live their life for.

     The hypocrisy on Earth is SO THICK it is like a wall.
You can hammer nails into it and hang pictures of smiling faces
from them.

     The mortals who do not seek a religious answer to our problems
are wrong.  Religion IS the problem on EARTH, even if it is just
the religion of 'Dust in the Wind', and it will take a serious
religion to come back and burn away the dogs, and sorcerers, and
whoremongers and murderers, and idolaters and whosoever loveth
and maketh a lie.

     Your garden variety religious Earthling in other words.

 Homer W. Smith      Disarmament Discuss  4/19/89 why do i get so riled?