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Date:         Fri, 21 Apr 89 16:44:26 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
Subject:      Re: Ethics-L posting
To:           "Lance A. Brown" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Thu, 20 Apr 89 15:07 CST

>Hi Homer,
>  Remember me?   I was just curious as to why you replied the way you did
>on the ethics list.  This is in regard to your statement:
>>privilege, not a right', and that the content of correspondence
>>can be restricted in whatever way its administrators see fit.
>>This includes applying their own standards of 'decency' even
>>to mail sent between two consenting adults.
>    I would express my views, but they would probably be
>censored by the bitnet administrators.
>I know that you have had bad times on the net before and would like to hear
>your thoughts on this.
>Lance A. Brown
>   Lancer@GacVax1.BitNet
>P.S.  How is Adore-L doing?

     Actually it was meant to be just a touch of humor.

     ADORE-L is rip roaring along, walking on the edge of
propriety.  A hardy bunch of souls they are who remain on the list.
The merely curious have fled.

     The censorship on bitnet comes more from the people who
indulge in the lists than from any bitnet personell I know, and in
fact one bitnet type has given me some good pointers about how
to keep ADORE-L out of trouble without toning it down.

     My problems with censorship is mainly with the various
religious groups who can not stand any criticism, blaspheme or
ridicule of their positions, and who some how think that they
have a social right to express their views without reproach.

     If one of these types gets into a bitnet position or a high
management position in some computer center, they can cause a lot
of trouble in the name of 'decency', 'respecting others religions'
and other such ilk, all the while in their heart of heart they
believe all Jews are going to hell or some such thing.

     In any case my comment on ethics-l was meant as a touch of
irony.  It is very possible that a TRUE discussion of what SHOULD
be allowed on bitnet would be immediately squelched by the 'guardians
of decency and right' but there is no immediate evidence that it has

     Basically my argument is that bitnet is a priviledge because
it is payed for by the tax payers, but I AM one of those tax payers, so
it should serve what ever need people want to use it for among consenting
adults.   Hypocrites with secret vices and clean facades should not
be allowed to determine the content of the communication pathways.

     It is all just bit patterns after all.

     Peer pressure should be sufficient to keep others in line.

 Homer W. smith      Lance A. Brown       4/21/89*Ethics-L posting