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Date:         Fri, 21 Apr 89 17:00:51 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
To:           Discussion of Ethics in Computing ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 20 Apr 89 11:38:03 CDT from 

     Although it is true that any communication line can be used
for social chatting, it is not true that only officially sanctioned
projects are 'research'.

     Any two people discussing the pressing problems of this Earth
from Religion to Air Pollution, from Disarmament to Child Rearing
are doing research.

     Yes I know people who will spend their entire lives discussing
the color of their nail polish (both men and women!) but there are
others who are desperately trying to bring this century to a peaceful

     The one very thing that may make it possible for peace and
UNDERSTANDING to finally come about in this world are the very
communication lines that others would like to keep to official
'research' purposes.  It is much harder to hate or fear the Russians,
when you can exchange jokes and social chatter with them with the
ease that computer systems afford.

     Besides, if you close the communication lines to only
'official' research, then the only things that will make any
progress will be those subjects approved of by the officials.
Great.  Just imagine a world where important subjects were dictated
by the government or some other body of stuffed shirts too stupid
to be researchers, but just bright enough to be officials.

     What ever happend to free speach?  Free speach has its
price.  But the nailpolishers can be tuned out or given nailpolish-l.
The rest of us are being given a fantastic
opportunity to discuss among ourselves every conceivable problem
on Earth, including the problem that governments can not
conceive of any problems at all.  (Ever smell the air?)

     But for the rest of us more intelligent people,

     THESE Knights of the Round Table are ALWAYS in session.

     THAT is what computers are for.  Not to guide missles.

     The officials and bureaucrats and governments would turn bitnet
into a playground for the games that these kind of people play.

     Isn't this what Nostrodamus was warning us about?

 Homer W. smith      Discussion of Ethic  4/21/89 No subject