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Date:         Sat, 22 Apr 89 02:58:13 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 7 Apr 89 11:57:53 CDT from 

>   Once more, I'll address the sexism/feminism issue. Women don't fight in
>wars because men, who run the military and almost all of government, don't
>want them to. Why? My guess is that men feel threatened by women when women
>demonstrate proficiency at traditionally male tasks, so men exclude women
>from those tasks.

     This has got to be the stupidest, most inane, ridiculous, insane
argument I have ever heard.  Nick you sound like the lesbian dyke bitches
I know.

     I have never in my entire life felt threatened by women of ability,
in fact they are a pleasure to be around.

     I feel threatened by women who think they are hot shit, when
they are merely shit.  But the many able ones I have known were and are
a pleasure to work with and learn from.  If only my mother and aunt
had been such people, I might not be such an asshole when it comes to
this and similar subjects.

     Nick, do YOU feel threatened by an able woman?  Why would you
say such a thing?  Has any man ever told you THEY were threatened by
able women?  Do you really think that the entire political structure
of our country's defense system is built on the wimpy fears and paranoias
of defensive men?

     Do women feel threatened by men more able than they are?
     Do men feel threatened by MEN more able than they are?
     Do women feel threatened by women more able than they are?

     This idea that women are held down by men that feel their
manhood threatened is an idea born from WOMEN who themselves have
little worth and need someone to blame for their failures in life.

     The idea that men developed physical prowess with out also
developing the emotional, mental and spiritual prowess to handle it,
is the creed of small and bitter women whose fate is a lonely grave.

     It is a sad day when MEN start parroting the same drivel and
pablum.  Sometimes you wonder if they are not just trying to get laid.

     Some children can not appreciate adults.
     Some women can not appreciate men.
     Some men can not appreciate Gods.
     Some Gods can not appreciate children.

A completely separate question: Do women want to fight in
>wars, break boards with their hands, and engage in other "macho" activities?
>The great majority do not. This lessen's Homer Smith's respect for women.

     Nick, why do you say things about me that are clearly not true?

     No it doesn't.  I do not respect women who vote FOR the draft when
it does not affect them.  I myself do not want to break boards with my head,
or be macho.  I have been FORCED to be such by the assholes that
rule the world.

I do respect such ability in others, for those that want to have and use it,
as it seems to be necessary in this world of ours.

>It enhances my respect for them, because "macho" activities are, by and large,
>destructive and negative activities designed to enhance the sense of self-

     What idiocy.  Macho tendencies have built the world out of rubble
and provide the cities and bridges and oceanways that make your life
more than an animals.  Cities and civilization were not forged by wimps
alone.  Machoism is a totally necessary attribute, we would all wither
with out it.  The EARTH needs to be tamed.  Women will never do it.

As Homer alleges, many women use fingernail polish. This does
>not imply that they are airheads, and the fact is that the most politically/
>socially/psychologically aware women reject the nail-polish-high-heel

     Then the women who do wear nail polish are NOT the most politically...
aware women?  Seems like that is what I was saying, now wasn't it.

     Nail polish is a sign that they do not do any work with their hands.

How did I arrive at these alarming conclusions? By being aware of my
>discomfort with the standard-modern-male role, and drawing logical conclusions
>from that discomfort (no, I'm not gay). If Homer Smith wishes to respond
>to these conclusions, I ask that he give some thought to them first.
>                      NickGeovanis - UWC6NTG@UICVMC

     Why?  You have not given any thought to yours.

     In fact all I ever hear from you is one stupidity after another.

 Homer W. Smith      Adore-l list         4/22/89 No subject