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Date:         Sat, 22 Apr 89 13:12:59 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Ok, I will admit that men tend to enslave or domesticate
any form of life they consider lower than themselves.

     White men did this to the blacks, Islamics are directed to do
this to Jews, and men in general do this to women.

     Parents do this to children.

     I do not think however that white men domesticated the black
man because the white man felt his ego threatened by the black man,
but because in all honesty, the white man felt the black man to be
inferior in ability and therefore capable of being put to use.

     I would say the same holds true between men and women.

     In general men do not feel that women are equal to men in
the important abilities that men cherish.  Men do not look to women
to help them in the task of taming the planet, or inventing the
communication lines, or damming the rivers, or building the roads
or developing the mathematics or science necessary to provide the
standard of living for themselves AND THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN
that men are so bent on doing.

     Thus men do not consider women their equal.

     I would say that primal man is geared toward providing
a safe environment for pregnant women who are geared toward
providing a safe environment for the new borns.

     Historically each has had a different sphere of influence as
far as the physical universe is concerned, and the womman's has
beeen the smaller one, something which is usually not a problem to her.

     Just as children like to have parents to take care of them,
women like to have men to take care of them, and men like to have
Gods to take care of THEM.

     But in the same manner as the mother will not allow her children
to wander willy nilly out into the wild universe beyond, men will not
allow their women out to the edge of the frontier uaccompanied either.
And of course if the Gods were talking to us, they would not allow
men to go where they were not yet ready.

     So although each level has an expanding sphere of control which
includes those inside it, each larger sphere of control has with it
a larger responsibility to the greater number, expecially those
contained within its saftey net.

     Some women want equality with men, but just try to teach them
calculus or solid state physics and out comes the nailpolish.

     (That is what nail polish is.  It is a sign of a well kept woman.
It means the woman does not have to work and can spend her time teaching
her children.   It takes a good man to provide such an environment
for the woman.  Most of the planet is not capable of this standard
of living.  Unfortunately if women are too well taken care of, they never
do any work at all, they never learn anything, and so they have
nothing to teach their children.  They become kind of vapid.
So in my opinion this nail polish thing has gotten out of hand.)

     Some children want equality to their parents.  It is the same error.

     And some men want equality with Gods.

     Each step, child woman man and God, is a step on a ladder
of an expanding evolution of ability that all may enjoy and suffer
in their turn as they earn the right to operate in the bigger
sphere of influence.

     One should learn to fly a plane before one learns to fly the shuttle.
One should learn to drive a car before one learns to fly a plane.
And one should learn to ride a bike before one learns to drive a car.

     It is the one life time view that makes the man feel he is a God,
the woman feel she is a man, and the child feel they are adults.
The body sticks us in what ever condition we were born in, man or woman.
In reaction to this injustice, people try to become what they are not.
Since they feel they are not allowed to graduate to 6th grade, they
tend to pretend they have all graduated 12th long ago.  Thus is born vanity,
arrogance and conceit.

     The one life time view makes one think that once a man, always
a man, once a woman, always a woman.  It also makes one think that
one can not stay a child forever, and one can not become a God.

     This of course is all false.

     You can be anything you want to be. God man woman and child are
the four components of your operating being in this universe,
and each depends on the full and self determined operability
of the level before it.

     Once a spirit masters the God level of a particular game, they
can then go on to the child level of a bigger game and start all
over again at a higher level of accomplishment.
Thus at any time you will find spirits in woman's bodies who are
very definitely superior in ability and acuity to many men around them,
as they have graduated to a higher game and have long since left
the man stage behind them of the game they last played below them.

     The world is apparently full of evolved women and unevolved men.
Often the unevolved men are running the place giving the more evolved
women a hard time. Just as often, evolved women will have unevolved
men for fathers who treat them like scum.

     These women however will not be superior to or even equal to the men
they play with AT their own game level.

     It is the wisdom of a man to seek to learn from the God.
     It is the wisdom of a woman to seek to learn from the man.
     It is the wisdom of a child to seek to learn from the woman.
     It is the wisdom of a God to seek to learn from the child.

     Of course the God has something to learn from the man too.
     The man has something to learn from the woman.
     The woman has something learn from the child.
     The child has something to learn from the God.

     But not as much.

     And of course it is the wisdom of a lower man to learn from
a higher more evolved woman.  The man will one day be in her shoes,
and should learn as much as possible from her.
But it is also the wisdom of a lower woman to learn from a higher
more evolved child.  And for the lower God to learn from the higher
more evolved man.

     Women in 12th grade are clearly going to know more than men in 6th
grade.  But if the women in 12th grade know more than the men in their own
grade then either the woman belongs in a higher grade, or the men belong
in a lower grade and someone is cheating or being cheated.

     If man and woman were equal, there would be no need for the two.

     Equal rights means equal duties.

     There are not equal duties between God, man woman and child,
thus there are not equal rights.

     But each is evolving upward to the level above it and beyond to
the next complete cycle.

     If men treat women badly, they may come back and do the previous woman
stage over again and get treated badly by men.  If men rape women,
when they come back as women they may eventually get raped. Unless of course
they handle what they are not confronting first.  But they rarely do.

     It is almost impossible to escape the consequences of ones bad actions
in this universe forever, with out fully confronting what you did and
why you did it to the point where you don't do it anymore and make some
small measure of amends to satisfy your heart.

     People who continue to deny they ever did something bad, (by
not remembering their past 20 billion years for instance) eventually
find others doing to them what they did to others.  Sometimes they
learn, sometimes they get pushed deeper into the pit.  As for the others,
they may have even learned the errant behavior from the very guy who
gets it back many millions of years later.  So justice and irony are

     There is more responsibility here for our conditions than anyone
is letting one.  The one life 'I had nothing to do with getting born' view
is the hall mark of total irresponsibility.  Victimhood.

     And it is such a lie.

     Unfortunately it is pretty absolute in many people's minds.
But that is the sweet justice coming back on them for having
tried to make others forget their past lives many lives ago.

     THOSE are the lives we forget the most, eh?

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      4/22/89 No subject