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Date:         Thu, 27 Apr 89 22:34:47 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      errant mail
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

I am not sure the following letter made it to the list, so I pass it
on as errant mail ends up in my reader.  Mailers tend to
reject mail that has mail stuff where text stuff ought to be.
They get confused and send it to the owner of the list.
As such I get to read all the flames at me even if others
miss out.

# Subject:      Sexism

# You say...
# >I have never in my entire life felt threatened by women of
# >ability, in fact, they are a pleasure to be around.

# We are glad you approve.

# >If only my mother and aunt had been such people, I might not be
# >such an asshole when it comes to this and similar subjects.

    Is this an attempt to blame your mother and aunt for YOUR
problems?  I was brought up in what I would call a "traditional"
family.  That is two parents, my Dad worked, and my Mom stayed home
to take care of the kids.  I do not, however, think this is the way
the world should be.

# >I have been FORCED to be such by the assholes that rule the world.

    Again, this sounds like you are trying to blame someone else.
I have never let people force me to do anything that goes against my
system of moral and ethical beliefs, and anyone who lets their
beliefs be compromised should take a serious look at their heart and
soul.  There is a slight drawback to my system...people do not
understand me.  (a small price to pay, considering I am happy with
the way I am, and so many other people are not happy.)
    Let me give you an example (which makes perfect sense to
me...yet others tend to disagree).  I never drive faster than the
speed limit.  Why?  Well, I have choosen to live in this society
(well, my parents choose to live here...and I have not found
anyplace better yet.) and one of the rules to living in a society,
is that you obey the rules.  There are rules that say you shouldn't
exceede the speed limit...so I don't.
    Kind of on a smaller scale this discussion group has a set of
rules which we all (I hope) abide by.  Why?

    Well, that is all for now...

         Erik Leighton Seielstad

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      4/27/89 errant mail