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Date:         Wed, 03 May 89 01:20:19 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm


     Most of us consider that when something is ours, it is ours to
keep.  We have a right to do with it as we please with in the obvious
constraints of not pissing off other people lest they come after OURS
with THEIRS.

     Our bodies you would think are our most sacred possesions.  Most
people even consider that they ARE a body.  In either case you would
think that therefor a body would be subjected to the usual rules of
possession that everything else is.

     But this is not so.  The government may not tell us we have to
donate our money or cars or houses to the war effort, but our bodies,
hell we know who THEY belong to now don't we.  The War Lords.  If there
is a war, you have to give your body to the cause BY LAW.

     Thus in many ways our most private possession is not ours at all.

     Odd isn't it?

     Now another odd thing comes up in the abortion question.

     I hate Christians.

     But to get back to the subject...

     If I own a dog or two dogs, and I let them breed, then I own the
puppies too.  No one can tell me what to do with the puppies any more
than they can tell me what to do with the original dogs.

     Although in this country, killing dogs for food or other
enterprises is frowned upon, in general one must admit, that the owner
of an animal may do with that animal what ever he/she wants to, with in
the constraints of accepted social taste.  If every Christmas you chop
off the head of your turkey thats fine.  In Seoul if you boil your dog
that is fine too.

     The point is that if you own the animals, you own the offspring as

     But with the human body it is totally different.

     You give birth to a child, and all of a sudden it has rights of its
own.  Isn't this strange?


     At least legally you don't.

     Now of course we are all glad such individual rights were bestowed
on US when WE were born.  Thank God we were not treated legally like the
forever possession of our parents.  So in turn we must grant the same
rights to our children for they too will want their own independant
existance when they are born.

     Ownership is such a strange thing when it comes to bodies.

     HUMAN BODIES.  But that is the crux, now isn't it.

     Some how human bodies have attained this special status in the
Cosmic All.  What should be considered our most closely held possession
is instantly not ours at all.  And the offspring of our bodies is not
ours even a little bit.

     But all this arises because we think we ARE a body.

     If we started to think the truth which is that we HAVE a body then
things might change.

     In the first place, even though the meatballs and carion types
would argue against this, the spirit takes over the body after birth.

     It is a definite act that happens, and all of you can remember the
exact moment it happened for each lifetime or body time that you look at
including and expecially this one.

     Of course to confront ENTERING a body you would have to confront
where you were just BEFORE you entered it and WHY and that is a whole
big deal to most people.  That is why meatballs are so prevalent.

     Cowardice and incompetancy.

     Being IN a body and saying I AM a body is like having your
spiritual head in the sand where every one who walks by can kick you in
the ass any time they want to.

     Anytime they want to kick YOU, they kick your BODY.  Dont you see?

     On the other hand lets consider the we HAVE a body.  In this case
we OWN the body just like any other pet we have.  We don't play degraded
bestiality games with it by saying I AM A BODY.  We don't sexually abuse
it by going into its head everytime it has an orgasm just because we are
too jaded to generate any sensation of our own.

     We instead keep it and nurture it and BREED it as we would any
other prized possession of living form.

     Since we own the body, we own the offspring.  We can kill not only
our own body any time we want but we can also kill the offspring any
time we want.  We can also feed it and take care of it, or fatten it up
for Christmas dinner and then feed it to our pet lion.

     The problem comes in with those damned spirits trying to take over
the body just after birth going 'This is MY body, I AM a body, how DARE
YOU touch MY body...' yap, yap, yap.

     You see they are into NEEDING bodies, WORSHIPING bodies, and
SACRIFICING to bodies.  'Poor Dear Thing, I am going to give it such a
GOOOOOOD life!' You know.

     Pretty soon they will pass laws saying that the offspring of your
body is not yours anymore and you have to give it individual rights.

     But of course people deserve the hypocricy they are in.  They say
all too hard that they ARE a body, and that they never TOOK OVER the
body, STOLE it in fact from THEIR PARENTS, and so when they have a child
it is only natural to them that that child body IS another human spirit
from the word go.

     But in truth, the child body is just a body until the marauding
spirit grabs it from the parents.  If the parents were up tone a bit, (2
light years or so) they would not be stuck IN their bodies like the
other pigs around them, and they would SEE this new spirit coming into
their space ready to grad their new born child.

     Their first response would be to say to the incoming spirit, 'Hey
wait just a darned minute there, young fellow, this here child is OUR
child and you may NOT just go an grab it for yourself.'

     Of course the parents can strike a deal with the incoming spirit
and SELL the new born child to the spirit for some measure of fair

     When they do, the child body now belongs to the new spirit and no
longer belongs to the parents who can not just up and take it back any
time they want.  Nor can they kill it or eat it or fatten it up and feed
it to their lion.  Once they sell the child to the new spirit, that body
belongs to the new spirit and as such the new spirit has absolute
control over it just like you have over your own bodies.

     Its like once I sell my puppies to another owner, the puppies are
no longer mine.  If I kill them before I sell them, no one can complain,
but if I kill them AFTER I sell them that is criminal theft and is
punishable under the law.

     Just so with bodies.

     So as far as abortion is concerned I would say the following.

     Dig a pit and throw all Christians and other makers of lies and
lovers of falsehood and true blaspheme into it.

     The bodies life starts at CONCEPTION, but OWNERSHIP starts when the
sale is made after birth.  Until then, your child is yours.  You may
kill it or turn it into glue as you see fit.  If someone takes it over
before you have agreed to sell it, then they must suffer the
consequences of being stuck in a stolen body.  Horse thiefs are often
treated with swift dispatch.

     Now of course most people consider that once the baby is born it is
already sold to the new spirit who will be their child.  So most people
frown upon NOT giving the incoming spirit the full rights of ownership
to the new born body.

     But in fact the spirit may not even be around until DAYS after
birth.  There is a very noticable change in the kid when it happens,
scares the FUCK out of the parents it does, and they NEVER talk about it
ever again, even to themselves.

     So you can expect when people become more aware of these matters
and their rights of ownership over bodies, that society's considerations
about abortion will change.

     You are not killing a BEING by killing a body.  Christians think
this, but they are as low as you go on the ladder of evolution.  Frankly
you OWN your body and its offspring until you damn well give it away for
fair consideration to someone sensible that you respect and wish to have
as your kid.

     As it goes now, things are kind of a free for all.  Spirits come in
and TAKE what ever body they can, they don't ASK for permission or
rights, and the parents don't spend time considering different
applicants for prespective new comers to their family.  You don't just
want ANY one do you?

     All those criminals we execute just come back in a week or two
looking for baby bodies and they TAKE them just like anyone else.
Christians think they go to hell.  What a joke.  The criminals come back
and take the child bodies of the most unaware parents.  They may not be
BAD parents, but having no awareness of their own spirit they can not
see the spirit coming in to take their child body.  We all suffer from

     Since they have no control over getting in or out of their own
bodies (why would anyone ever what to be IN a body?) they have no
control or protective abilities with regard to their child's body so
they can not keep other spirits away from it until they find one they

     Thus 'righteous' and 'upstanding' parents can have real monsters
for children.  And of course THEY had nothing to with it, right?  Right.

     If people only knew what REALLY happned to the people we kill and
execute I can assure you there would be some terror to go around.

     Of course the people who have done the most to stop intelligent
inquiry into the true spiritual nature of human beings are the
Christians whose doctrines of salvation and creation are the greatest
monument of lies and deceit to EVIL the world has ever known.

     Except maybe for the Nazi's.

     However the Nazi's only wanted to put Jews in the ovens.

     Christians want to put everyone who is not a Christian into
the ovens FOREVER.

     Such NICE people.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      5/03/89 No subject