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Date:         Sun, 07 May 89 23:46:35 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: CAN YOU TELL ME...
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Fri, 14 Apr 89 10:11:49 EDT from 

>Just what do you mean by saying women do not survive in the long run.
>That is plain bullshit! Is that why women have longer life-spans?
>Hey, buster, you try giving birth once, and you'll soon find out what
>pain is. The rest of your message may be true to an extent (the stuff
>about kids needing a stable home) but don't try and pull the men are
>stronger in the long run one on us. If you do, justify the remark.

     Women have longer life spans because they have less burdens, less
worry and less reponsibility.  Worry kills.  Taking care of a woman is
enough to kill anyone.

    The bell shaped curve for men and women regarding physical strength
speed, skill and endurance is shifted to the right (higher) for men.
There will always be women more physically able than men, but on average,
women are whimpier than men.

     Pain during child birth is the result of neurotic/psychotic
conditions in the woman.  ANIMALS do not suffer pain during child birth.
Nor do they suffer menstrual cramps.  This 'pain of child birth' is
just a lot of Biblical crap which results from a one life time
meat ball philosophy.  If the woman spirit were not IN the body during
birth there would be little to no pain for the body and NONE for the spirit.


     Frankly the woman DESERVES the pain of child birth because she
has no business being IN a body in the first place.  She is abusing the
body pure and simple by being IN its head and believing all this
'I am a body, woe is me' bullshit, and the only unfortunate part of the
matter is that the body gets to hurt too, and the child body records all
the pain of child birth and later is affected by it.

     In fact I would say that the cause of postpartum psychosis is
this very co recording of the pain of child birth between the mother and
child.  They have similar traumas and get on each others nerves like you
would not believe.

 Homer               Adore-l list         5/07/89*CAN YOU TELL ME...