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Date:         Fri, 12 May 89 03:53:03 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Muder Rundown
To:           "Atlanta Bound! (Feldman, Shari)" ,
In-Reply-To:  Your message of Wed, 19 Apr 89 21:31:38 est

>I just did a quick reading of this message.
>What is the purpose to all these questions?
>                                Shari

     It should have been clear in the introduction.

     People wonder why they can not remember their past lives.
They have stiffled so much back there that it is hard to get at.
But mainly it is too stomach turning to confront.  Most people
have learned the spiritual lessons of their history.  By the time
they start seriously considering their immortality they have cleaned
up their ethics and treatment of others.  But they still can not
remember one whit about their past trillion years.  The item that is
hanging their memory in limbo is the worst item in it.  The worst item
in it is almost always torture, murder, rape and war crimes.
Many of these are accidental, and then later they become intentional
against the enemy and bad guys, and then later they become intentional
towards the good guys, and then later the being becomes a good guy
himself and swears off violence and any form of mayhem lest he
get himself into trouble again.  But the in the swearing off process
he/she swears off their memory too.

     Recovering our spiritual freedom involves owning up to our entire
track what ever it may be.  Murder is at the bottom of the pit. Murder,
enslavement and eternal punishment.  Thus looking into these matters will
start to spring ones memory open.  One will find there is much more good
init than bad, but the bad holds the whole thing off.

 Homer               Atlanta Bound! (Fel  5/12/89*Muder Rundown