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Date:         Fri, 12 May 89 13:58:48 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Peace and Spirituality
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Sat, 22 Apr 89 07:13:53 EDT from 

>>In my view, the prospects for extended peace depend on our world
>>view.  Unless we are able to cultivate a view of the planet as
>>divine and demanding of respect, I fear our efforts at obtaining
>>true peace will be in vain.
>I agree, but how do I educate myself about the growth and development
>of man's understanding of the spirituality of the world and living
>things?  My work on ultrastructure and biochemistry of cells has
>convinced me that all forms of life should be reverenced.  I cannot
>feel the same reverence for the mountains and rivers that my Mohawk
>friends do.  I think I would like to read a sound book that gives a
>clear historical and analytical review obout this. Don

     Although this is going to sound like pagan bull to the very
ignornant and useless, the planet is the body of a living spirit,
a CONSCIOUS spirit just like you and me, only less evolved.
Bigger in space, but not as self conscious as you or me.

     Our stupid western arrogance has assumed that consciousness
is a function of biological organic systems.   But EVERY organized
structure in the universe, from galaxies and stars to atoms and
molecules is the body for an evolving CONSCIOUS ENTITIY just like
you or me.

     In fact the solar system is the body of the sun God RA, and
the Universe itself is ONE of the bodies of the God who made this
joint, a joker if there ever was one.  Above Him are His masters and
THEIR masters.

     This view that all is made of stone and rock and only some of it
has any consciousness attached to it is about as UNCONSCIOUS as you
can get and still be called human.

    Dont let science lead you astray.  The bomb you drop is a living
being, and the city you drop it on is a living being.  So are the
people you kill.  If the form gets mulched, the conscious unit leaves
it and gets another.

     The way to attain respect for material form, is to grant it life.
The life is there and pissed as hell that you don't recognize it.
In other religions and other times these evolving conscious but not
self conscious units were called 'elementals'.

     The crazy one.

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  5/12/89*Peace and Spirituality