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Date:         Fri, 19 May 89 23:42:31 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      china
To:           adore-l@ualtavm,
              Politics List 

     If the populace of any one of these oppresive countries
were to rise up in mass, they could wipe out their governments
in a day and replace them with a freely voted democracy.

     This is why Russia and China are TERRIFIED of contact with
DONE SO ALREADY is because they have never had contact with
anyone who lived in freedom.

     It never occurs to them it can be different, or they can not
conceive how it could be different.  Give them a TV connection
to the west however and they will see that there is another way
to do things, that people can be free and still live.

     THEN they will rise up and wipe out the oppressors.

     It takes the full cooperation of the populace and their
solider sons to keep a government in power and the people in
chains.  But people do this to themselves because they cant
see that freedom can work.

     Their governments strut around and parade themselves as some
form of alternative validity.  It almost makes you wonder if
communism might be right, or how else could so many people
be under its influence.

     But these forms of government only last because the people
somehow feel they deserve them.  They cant imagine that any
one could be free.

     With the advent of TV and mass communication the various
forms of facism and communism do not stand a chance.  They have only
lasted this long because the people involved were totally out of
contact with the rest of the world.  To them America and Democracy
did not exist or were just words.  Once they see it, breath it, smell
it, they will change their minds and sweep out of the way all
impediments to having what they want.

     The time of communism and silly bullies like Russia and China
is done.  They are on their way out as inexorably as the progress
of evolution itself.  Like a rancid pool of water swirling in its own space
for days on end collecting debris and scum, they will be washed away
FOREVER by the thundering rains of awareness of freedom.

     The countries of this world can not continue to run private
horror shows for their own edification without the rest of the
world knowing about it and doing something about it.  Just as
you can not grab people off the street and torture them in the
privacy of your home, governments can not continue to grab people
off the street and torture them within the privacy of their own
sovereign borders.

     Sovereignty is relative.  No one has a right to be an asshole
just because he owns the land he is being an asshole on.  Land rights,
and sovereignty will wash away when the time comes to pay the Piper
if countries continue to piss off their neighbors with their ruthless
behavior and their criminal wanton acts.

     Sovereignty is like respect, it is earned.  These silly little
and not so little countries that think no one is watching, have another
think coming to them.

     And when freedom comes to one and all, remember it was TV
that did it.  Not GOD, not CHRIST.  TV.  A simple window into
another way of life, a two way window where withholds are impossible,
and secret shames are not longer secret.

     If every student in China stood up and said I wont take it
any more, the government would fall tommorrow.  The can SEE that
life is better in the West.  They can SEE that the only reason
government officials keep communism going is to provide a living
FOR THEMSELVES, a living they could not provide for themselves
in a free market.
So they make everyone else provide a living FOR THEM.

     The most unproductive people in the universe are the
political rulers and the soldiers that feed off the taxes.

     That is what a communist politburo is.  It is a person who
spends all day long figuring out how to get others to work and
pay him taxes so he can live an easy life.

     He is too stupid to produce anything himself of worth
and you can be sure the systems of production he devises
'for the good of the people' will be even stupider.

     Communism is a rabid tarantula.  It is incredible that
it has lasted so long on this planet.   Mothers and their sons
must have a real penchant for dungeons.

     But it is over.  The cure has been found.  TV.

     And NOTHING can stop it.

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      5/20/89 china