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Date:         Thu, 25 May 89 17:19:30 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      Re: War and the Savings Rate -- An Important Connection?
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
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>Date:     Thu, 18 May 89  11:36:50 EDT
>Subject:  Pessimistic Fallout
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>Thought you would be interested-- maybe you were involved in--
>an article I just read in National Journal, 5/6/89.  Entitled
>"Pessimistic Fallout," it states:  "Here's a novel answer to a
> confounding question-- namely why Americans save so little.
>According to national Bureau of Economic Research associate Joel
> Slemrod, 49 percent of Americans think the chances of a world
>war in the next 10 years are better than 50-50-- as opposed to
>15 percent of the Japanese (who save lots) and about 20 percent
>of the West Germans and French.  Turns out, according to Slemrod
>that people are less likely to save money when they expect the world
>to go kerplooey."  This might be interesting trivia for the
>S.S. Peace Committee.   Curt
    Americans are mainly CHRISTIAN.  They HOPE there is a war
to get rid of all the bad guys.

 Homer W. Smith      Disarmament Discuss  5/25/89*War and the Savings Rate -- A