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Date:         Sat, 27 May 89 00:51:35 EDT
From:         Homer 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     You will never remember your past lives until you remember
forgetting your past lives.  That is absolute.  The moment of
forgetting your past lives IS the moment in your past you are
trying to remember.

     The way in IS the way out.  Dig it and don't leave it.

     The exact moment of forgetting occurs when you take over
your present baby body for the last time in this life.
When your present body dies you remember again.

     How many lifetimes ago was the first time you really belived
you were a mortal body.  For a long time you just used bodies and
had fun with them, then you started to live IN them, then you
took the plunge and thought you WERE a body.

     Bye bye immortality.  Or so it seemed.

     It is one thing to BUILD a car and be IN a car, and USE it for fun,
it is quite another to think you ARE a car.  For if you ARE the
car, then who built it? And it is no fun to end up in the junk yard.

     It is one thing to be IN a body.  It is quite another
to think you ARE a body.  It is one thing to be IN a body, and
quite another to take on the characteristics and attributes
of the body you are in.

     The attributes of a baby body are mainly that it knows nothing,
can not recognize or discriminate any of its perceptions and
in general needs to be taught every thing it is going to know
either by experience or from someone who already has gone through
the process of learning it.

     This is actually quite funny, for an infinite all knowing imortal being
to take on the countenance of a fragile know nothing only to be
taught by others around him.

     What is worse is that the baby body is an illusion.  It is a dream,
a mockup, a crystalized light picture.  It is made of your mental
conscious pictures pure and simple, nothing more, nothing less.
The way you make it so REAL, is to make yourself IT.

     Your belief that you ARE the body that you pictures represent,
is what makes the body real to you.  It is only as real as your
belief you are IT.  This works for any object.  If you identify
with a picture of an object with the idea in mind that the object
is not just a picture and that you are that object, then that
object will be as real to you as you wish.

     It's reality is based on your belief you are IT.

     But IT never existed.  It is all a hallucination.  The
hallucination is real, but the implied solidity and external
reality is not.  We are all seeing snakes, and we call it life.

     Life is color-form in consciousness.  It is NOT external
matter, energy, space and time.  These are assigned dellusions
to the color form that the immortal being does in order to
amuse himself.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      5/27/89 No subject