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Date:         Wed, 31 May 89 01:04:42 EDT
From:         "Homer W. smith" 
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Tue, 30 May 89 13:53:17 CDT from 

>   Once again, Homer Smith needs a little history lesson. Early forms of
>mass communication, that is to say, radio, were one of the secrets to
>the effectiveness of the National Socialist propaganda offensive against
>the German people. Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Information and
>Public Education, are credited with the discovery of its potential for
>helping enslave a population, NOT liberate it. Incidentally, these two
>shady characters admired Franklin D. Roosevelt for, among other things, his
>own very effective radio style.
>   History aside, the general state of mind of the American public should
>be enough to convince you that TV does little to broaden horizons and
>stimulate thought and individuation. Instead, it obviously helps induce
>conformity and mental laziness, in addition to over-simplifying and ignoring
>major current issues. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you see on TV is
>completely contrived. With ad time at more than $1 million per minute at
>prime time, the networks don't take any chances. All in all, I would say
>that television is a very effective device for enslaving populations,
>not liberating them. Showing Soviet citizens advertisements for American
>material goods (which aren't usually made in America, anyway) will only
>induce them to substitute one form of enslavement for another. There is
>no lazy man's way to democracy.
>   Once again, a gross failure to "think politically" on Homer Smith's part.
>                             NickGeovanis-UWC6NTG@UICVMC

     So here is Nick using his most favorite form of mass communication
to enslave all of you readers of ADORE-L into thinking that you are being
enslaved by mass communication.

     The implication of this letter is that the world would be better
off without mass communication.

     If a populace can be enslaved with mass communication, can it not
also be freed by the same medium, by reversing the message to a positive

     I can only conclude that Nick himself has learned nothing from watching
TV, either from all the endless Nature and Science shows or the news shows
or the myriad of things that bring modern science, art, religion and business
into my very room.  Ever heard of PBS and ad free stations?  Nova etc....

     If Nick thinks that all this is really junk food for minds
that are seeking enslavement, then either he should change cable
companies or get his brain checked out at the nearest radio
repair shop.

 Homer W. smith      Adore-l list         5/31/89 No subject