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Date:         Thu, 01 Jun 89 17:51:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Nick, at Night :)
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 1 Jun 89 17:29:41 EST from 

>The gist of this whole post is, that by being aware of the intent of television
>(or any other media communication), it becomes possible to disempower the
>"evil" influence of TV, and make some real use of it.  All it takes is an
>active intelligence.

    Yes a very good point.  In fact I often watch prime time
crime and guts entertainment to study the psychosis level
of Earthlings, watchers and producers alike.

     As such it is not showing me how the world is, but how people
THINK the world is, or would like it to be (even if just in fantasy.)

     Much more important though is a vague underlying correctness
to Nick's arguement.  In any closed system where those in command
of the communication can propagate freely to those in receipt of
the communication, you have the possibility of brain washing and
enslavement (strong words).

     You get this in families from parent to child, in schools from
teacher to child and in religions from preacher to child.
You also get it in governments from those in control to those who
are controlled.

     Each family, school, religion or country (vagina bush) becomes
a separate cell for the private brainwashing of its inhabitants.

     However let the child from one family visit the child of another
family and observe first hand the brainwashing the OTHER child is
receiving and the first child will immediately get a new viewpoint
often in direct contradiction to the one he has been taught and bought.
Given an opportunity to see enough of these independant brain washings,
the child will see them for what they are and no longer will he be
the effect of such stuff.   Or will take it all with a grain of salt.

     Thus it goes with countries.  During 1940's, the germans got to
hear the german government.  They did NOT get to hear the broadcasts
of other governments, and we did not get to hear theirs.  Maybe a bit
but not on a wide scale.  So each pit of brainwashing could go on

     However today, everyone can hear the brainwashing of everyone
from all countries.  With the ability to COMPARE the broadcasts from
many different sources, the TRUTH comes through.  Much propaganda is
about what it is like in other countries and what THEIR propaganda is
like.  When you can hear THEIRS directly, the lies in your own propaganda
shine through.

     The danger would come if there were ever a ONE WORLD government.
Then there would only be one source of broadcast again.

     Thus although Nick is right, he is wrong and very much
behind the times.

     I know this great radio repair shop that specializes in brains...

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/01/89*Nick, at Night :)