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Date:         Thu, 01 Jun 89 23:37:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: 0% Content and "good" TeeVee
To:           Adore-l list 
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 1 Jun 89 21:58:00 CDT from 

>TV doesn't kill people, people kill people!
>C'mon woman...what TV is "VERY VERY GOOD"??!?!?  You must be
>one of the dumbshits watching Cosby and Roseanna Barr and
>all those other terrible shows that appeal to the lowest
>common denominator.  I've never heard anyone, other than
>Geraldo, say that TV is "VERY VERY GOOD". (your emphasis...
>not mine).

     Do you even OWN a TV?  Do you have a CABLE connection.  How
many channels does it get?  Do you get CNN, FNN, HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWCASE,
DISNEY etc not to mention A&E and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL?

>If that's your opinion back it up with something so we can
>judge if we concur with your assessment of what makes good
>television.  Vietnam coverage ended a long long time ago....
>and that hardly used the medium to its' potential.  Methinks
>that you're awash in the garbage of mindless fnord teevee and
>think you're being treated properly.  Great Bob...if only you
>could remember how good TeeVee is on our home planets.  Ahhh...
>now that's entertainment.

     Tell me Chris, what difference does it make?  Is there something
BETTER than TV that we should be spending our time with instead?
What do you reccommend?  Opera?  Movies in Theaters?  Reading?
Time with friends?  Time with YOU?  Time on this stupidest of stupid lists?
All you nay sayers who have nothing but negative things to say, please
help us see the light and find GOOD entertainment.
>Five Tons of Flax!
>Chris Robin

     I work at home.  I am surrounded by computer tubes and graphics tubes.
My TV is on 24 hours a day and it is ALWAYS on something, not to mention
the VCR recording along its merry way.

     We have over 30 channels on Ithaca Cable TV and although many of
them carry trash like Donnapew and Geraldo, many carry non stop
science, art and educational material.

     Thus I am assured of quality educational programming almost all
day long.  Further, although advertising does influence news, CNN and FNN
and the other news channels like World Monitor are highly rated by me.
They may not tell the whole truth and they may try to change the truth,
but the truth does get through.

     The implication in the negative postings here is that quality does
not sell.  That TV gives only what sells, which is uniformly pablum for
minds that can not wait to die and go to Heaven and want to be occupied
in the meanwhile with mindless pursuits.  Talk shows are like this.
Game shows are like this.  But in Ithaca at least, the remainder is
of a very high quality.

     Of course we all know that every movie ever made is not worth
watching, but they all show regularly on HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWCASE and
the DISNEY channels.  And although I am terribly ashamed to admit
it, I watch movies all the time too.  Even I must indulge in artless
excesses once in a while.

     And as one last comment, I have probably learned more about
world war I, II, Korea, Viet Nam and Afghanistan from TV documentaries,
slanted or not, than I ever learned or would learn in school.
Except for being there myself, (which I was, WW II) I can not see a better
way to get the feel of war and watch the inanities of man and God,
than to watch TV shows on the subject.

 Homer               Adore-l list         6/01/89*0% Content and "good" TeeVee