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Date:         Wed, 07 Jun 89 23:12:12 EDT
From:         "Homer W. Smith" 
Subject:      mortals
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     It must be remembered that the Immortal being made himself to
be apparently mortal in his own eyes.  This was an act of Divinity,
as only a Divinity COULD do this and only a Divinity WOULD do this.

     Its like telling yourself that your parents and all your friends
are all dead and then at the end of your life finding out it was
all just one big practical joke.

     It takes an enormity of confront to say you did this to yourself.

     But that is what confidence is.  To confide to yourself that you
did this thing to yourself.

     In the meanwhile, what is done, is done.  You can not bring
a mortal to consider that his life is a joke.  There is just too much
pain in it and the laughter is a bit subtle for their present view
of divinity. The Humor kind of goes over their heads.

     They will hold on to their Mortal viewpoint for a few lifetimes
more.  Remember we all get battered mercilessly in between lives
in order to help us forget, and want to forget and never
want to remember again.  Of course we PAY to have this done to us.
The price is our Divinity and Immortality.  Plus tax.

     Life itself will finally bring these Mortal carrion heads to
the recognition that the Truth is better than any deceit no matter
how monsterous that Truth may be.  The reward for such honesty is
laughter forever for free.

     The reward is eternal magnificence.  Divinity is into
practical jokes too.  The Imp Soul.  You.  Remember?  No?  Sigh.

     Thus no one can beat on the Mortal until he owns up.  He will
just die on you to prove you wrong.  Of course it proves HIM wrong as
he is just floating away reporting back to the implant stations to
receive his next orders for a new body.  On Earth degradation is a science.

     YOU on the other hand are usually too low tone to be out of
your body to see that HE is still alive floating away, and all you
feel is a bit foolish with HIS dead body lying on the ground as proof
to you that we really die after all.

     Not to worry.  It really is all a joke.  A supreme joke though.

     Only for Gods.  Us.

 Homer W. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      6/07/89 mortals