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Date:         Sat, 10 Jun 89 02:12:01 EDT
From:         "Homer w. Smith" 
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

  Date:     Fri,  9 Jun 89 15:44 CDT
  From:     you're soaking in it 
  Subject:  JES
  To:       adore-l@ualtavm
  Original_To:  BITNET%"adore-l@ualtavm"

  From:   BITNET%"POSTMASTER@UALTAVM"      "Undetermined origin c/o Postmaster"
  -JUN-1989 14:50:09.79
  To:     Thomas More Beaudoin 

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            for TBEAUDOIN@UMKCVAX1; Fri,  9 Jun 89 14:50 CDT
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  Date:         Thu, 8 Jun 89 12:49:20 LCL
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  From:         Undetermined origin c/o Postmaster 
  To:           Thomas More Beaudoin 

            A E O L I A N   C R E P I T A T I O N  L E T T E R

                          ACL No. 1   8 JUNE 1989

                     HOMER CALLS US "DUST IN THE WINDERS".

                                I   C A L L

                                  T H A T

                                 ATTITUDE A

                            "WINDER IN THE DUST".

                               NOT From ADORE.


 Homer w. Smith      adore-l@ualtavm      6/10/89 No subject