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Date:         Sun, 11 Jun 89 15:11:24 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: Implications of pulling out of W. Europe and elsewhere
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Thu, 8 Jun 89 10:28:50 EDT from 

>Don, do you envision an America with no army at all?  Would you disband
>all military forces?
>Leonard Abbey
>Georgia Tech
>Research Institute

     Do we envision an America with out a POLICE force?

     An Army is just an international police force.  There are
criminals all over the world, and on other planets too!  To disband
the army would be fool hardy as those who had not disbanded their armies
would immediately take advantage.

     You can have peace upto but no further than the criminal element.
They will always be causing disturbance.  If you understand that
entire countries are run by criminal elements and that the countries
themselves are cesspools for the criminal elements from other more civilized
countries over a period of many lifetimes, you will see that disbanding
our army completly would not be possible until we have handled the
good/evil thing terminatedly.

    War does not exist because GOOD people disagree.

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  6/11/89*Implications of pulling out o