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Date:         Tue, 13 Jun 89 02:18:50 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Nick Bait.
To:           adore-l@ualtavm

     Thomas Beaudoin has in the past posted to ADORE-L from his
roommates or friends computer account saying 'Hi I am gay, what do
you think about that?'  The posting of course came across with
the other accounts name.  This was relayed to me by the other accounts

     As for the subject of Gays, they can do what they want
but I for one do not appreciate their heterophobia nor their
inability to laugh at themselves.

     Have you heard of the miracle of AIDS?
     It turns FRUITS into VEGTABLES.

     Know what GAY stands for?

     Know what AIDS stands for?
     Anally Inflicted Death Sentence.

     Gays of course are welcome on ADORE-L and may express their
views.  But sacred cows they are not.  Not here at least.

     There are two things in life I hate.  Prejudice and Niggers.

     If Gays wish to show their face on this list, then they
will have to take what ever roasting comes their way.

     They of course may respond in kind.

     I would remind them however, of the HIGH TREASON Adore-l Policy

     Unforutnately some Gays are prone to running with their
tail between their legs to tattle to higher authorities on anyone
who expresses a different point of view than they have.

     This kind of behavior will not be tolerated here, and if you
want a war, I will give you a war you will never forget.

     I spent a number of months on GAYNET.  If you ever wanted to
visit a Hell Hole, that would be the place to go.
I made a number of very good friends there,
but the rest of them were fucking assholes.

     Flowers with an attitude.

     If you ever want to start an interesting discussion with them
bring up why adoption agencies should give babies to all-men or
all-women married couples.   You might find it enlightening just
where they stand on the subject of life and love.

     And on 'Breeders', commonly known as Heteros.

     Not to mention the Lesbies with the personalities of a Pit Bull,
out looking for a male stud to get them pregnant so they could have
a 'whole' family (a child) with their female lover.

     At this time, in this society, Gays are being given their
legal rights under the law.  Of course they don't want equality
in the Armed forces, they are HAPPY the Army kicks them out.
But where it suits them, they want to be considered normal human beings.

     Of course if they do not gain acceptance in the Armed Forces, they
will NEVER gain acceptance anywhere else.  I mean if society will not
even let you die for their country, they sure ain't gonna give you the time
of day on more important matters.

     So if you want to discuss Gaydom, go ahead.  Just remember the
HIGH TREASON policy letter.  All of you.

     And please don't comment on this letter.

     I don't really give a fuck what you all think about me.

     I know anyhow, now don't I.

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/13/89 Nick Bait.