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.ce ((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))

.ce ADR - 2
.ce 20 November 1988

.ce Copyright (C) 1988 Homer Wilson Smith
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

     I have something of a religious background and part of that
background says that war is a manifestation of spiritual insanity.
Peace on Earth is a worthwhile goal, and as I see it it will be hard
coming as most of the problems in this world are caused by the various
religions of the planet that have ENEMY CLAUSES built into them.

     An enemy clause is a statement in the body of the religion that
there will always be other religions on the planet that will try to
destroy the religion in question and that only members of the religion
in question will go to heaven while all other people of the Earth will
go to Hell.  This leads to converting people as an imperative way of
life for these fanatical groups.

     Strife is thus built in.  And so is Martyrdom and Kamikaze in the
name of LOVE and the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD.

     Their kind of love, loves to hate.

     If we look to the non tolerant religions, those that specifically
believe that religious freedom is bad, and that everyone goes to hell
who does not follow their particular religion, we will find most of the
source of strife on this planet at this time.

     Sometimes its an indirect source, perhaps only fanning the flames
of war.

     Sometimes its a direct source, impelling its population to war with
justifications only the spiritually insane could muster.

     Specifically the Christians believe in an eventual Armegeddon,
after which they will all be able to go to Heaven for ever more.  Since
no one gets to go to Heaven until the Judgement Day happens, (they get
to wait in their graves!) they are in a great hurry to bring Armegeddon
around as soon as possible.  They will deny this but underneath they
worry about continued existence on Earth, as every day is just another
day to be tempted by the Devil and perhaps lose their seat next to the
Lamb of God.

     I know this sounds a bit hysterical, but the world is on the brink
and it is not like the Christians have NOTHING to do with it.  Or the
Iranians, Iraqis, Israelis, Arabs, Nazis, Jews etc etc.  At the base of
all these conflicts is a religion with an enemy clause built in that is
taught and adhered to from birth.

     Sometimes that religion is what ADORE calls 'Dust in the Wind'ism.
These are the rock hard mortals, who were born once, and will die once,
but who think their race is the highest and purest and that all other
races should be purged because they are consuming more than they are
producing relative to the higher race.

     Why let a Jew live, when a Nazi can do so much more with the same
amount of air breathed in?

     There is a God, and there is valid religion, but teaching kids the
kind of crap that usually passes for religion on planet Earth is child
abuse pure and simple, and produces at best criminal populations who
cant figure a better way to get to Heaven than to kill their neighbor in
the name of their God.

     Amen (Adore Makes Excellent Nonsense)