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.ce HATE

.ce ADR - 20
.ce 6 March 1989

.ce Copyright (C) Homer Wilson Smith
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>I saw a posting you made a while back that started off something like,
> 'I HATE christians,nazis, etc'.
>I don't consider myself religious, so I am not offended or anthing,
>but it seems to me that it doesnt do much good to hate people,
>regardless of their religion or philosophy.

     You seem to be a person who does not have a lot of hate in your
life.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on who you talk to.

     For those who DO have a lot of hate and supression in their lives
they might wonder what sand hill you have your head in.

     For those whose lives are more serene they might think you are a
fine sort of fellow.

     Anyhow, the way to deal with people's hate is to LISTEN to it.  Try
to find the exact item of charge at the basis of it.  Most often the
person himself will not know.

     The point is, TELLING the person his hate will not do much good,
will itself not do much good.

     In fact it will just make the person hate YOU.

     Whereas if you try to get him to express it in its most virulent
form, then he will begin to LIKE you and open up, even to himself, and
probably find out the source of his hate and it will vanish.  This will
save him from doing something rash.  Later he will thank you for your
understanding and patience with his tirades.

     Some of society runs on the total fear that if hate is allowed to
surface it will boil over into a disaster.

     Some parents are often terrified (horrified) of their children's
hate and refuse to allow any expressions of it at all.  The hate goes
under ground causing all sorts of spiritual, mental, emotional and
physical symptoms.

     In order for the child to supress the hate, he has to not know he
has it himself sometimes.  Thus the child goes into covert hostility
towards himself.  This ends him up being self destructive.

    Psychosomatic conditions stem in part from Covert Hostility towards

     All that was really necessary was to let the child talk, get at the
content and let the emotion roll of your shoulder.

     Of course it would help if it was admitted that an injustice had
been done if one had been done.

     Sometimes parents don't want to know the content of the child's
upset, or the child's hate embroils their own supressed feelings for
THEIR parents and everything seems to go unstable for them.  So they
make sure to keep the kid polite at all costs.

     This is what ADORE-L is all about.  Freedom to talk without someone

     'Now, now, be nice.' or

     'Don't you use that tone of voice with me young man!'

     Get at the content.  Find out why he is mad.  If you don't allow
the person to be mad, HE will not know why he is mad and will never find
out, and never stop being mad (except around you, but it would be all a

>we all share the same fate.

     Yes, but some are actively seeking that fate, and others would like
a better end.

     Some Christians for example would take great exception to your
statement that we all share the same fate, as the whole story of their
version of Christianity is that we DON'T all share the same fate (THEY
are going to HEAVEN, and YOU arn't.)

     Some Muslims would probably agree with the Christians but would
reassign who went where.

     Maybe Buddhists would agree with you as for them we all get saved
one day once we give up this belief in hell forever.  (And mortality

     The Dust in the Winders (Mortals, Atheists, Communists) would
probably agree with you.  We are all in the same boat, and in the end it

     The Adorians would certainly agree with you.  'There is peace in
the thought that one day all men will attain the awakened state.'

     As for 'I hate Christians', the war between Adorians and the
Purveyors of Damnation goes way back with much blood on both sides.

     It says in ADORE,

     'Class is an attitude.  That ALL should live forever
     and be my friend.'

     It also says,

     'COOL is the ability to maintain CLASS.'

     Yes, some Christians make me lose my cool.  But I am embroiled deep
in the war.  It happens.

     My 'I hate Christians posting' was my first introduction to
DISARM-L.  On that particular day I had had it up to here with
Christians and their specialness, you know what I mean?

     Chalk it up to PMS, Post Messiah Syndrome.