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Date:         Thu, 15 Jun 89 01:07:13 EDT
From:         Homer 
Subject:      Re: LIMITS OF PACIFISM
To:           Disarmament Discussion List ,
In-Reply-To:  Message of Wed, 14 Jun 89 09:28:12 EDT from 

There is such a thing
>as evil in the world and it is beyond redemption.

     You were doing fine up to here.

     ALL are redeemable.  YOU may not know how, I may not know how,
but to conclude that NO ONE knows how, nor never will, is
arrogant and self centered.

     I assure you that the bad guys we kill just come back in their
next lives as our children.

     Your statement that there is evil in the world smells of having
found some in YOURSELF and judged it irredeemable.

     However Divinity is greater than we know, and can and WILL
redeem all over many lifetimes of forgetfullness.

     Those who don't 'believe' this, are just going through that
stage of not believing it.  They have come chagrin coming to them.

 Homer               Disarmament Discuss  6/15/89*LIMITS OF PACIFISM