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.ce In Apology.

     'At first they said it wasn't true.  When I proved it was true,
they said it wasn't important.  When I proved it was important, they
said they had known it all along.  When I proved no one had known it
all along,
they said it was dangerous.  When I said 'Of course it is dangerous,
it is the Source of Danger',
they all vanished as they could lie to me no longer.'

.ce From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.
.ce Copyright (C) 1983 by Homer W. Smith.

     The following material is a compendium of my
writings on the subject of fractals,
and the writings
of many others.  I am a programmer and I work for some of the finest
minds in the business.  Maybe in the Universe.
This gives me a keen viewpoint to work from.
If my mind does
not work clearly,
then my programs don't work and I have to keep correcting
myself until they do.  There is no sloppier mind in the whole universe
than the one that has never had to write a program.
Of course, no one knows this but the programmers.
The computer keeps you on your toes, making you
wrong constantly and instantly
at the slightest transgression of logic or agreed upon rules of
You learn that
you make errors all the time that you never even knew you made because
the computer was not there to stop you.
The facility you gain in admitting you are wrong and correcting
yourself carries over into your daily life.  It is amazing people
get along without it.  One wonders if they do.

     I have been roundly criticized for the style of my writing.
Some say it is too strong and sure of itself, that it reeks of
authority and stature that I do not have.
They ask me where my credentials are, where my degrees are, but
when I
was tutored all of this subject of fractals was unknown or
considered foolish.
Certainly at no time do I intend to imply that what I set down is
the final truth on any matter.  I am a programmer and everything I say
must meet the test of truth.  If it doesn't
program, it isn't true.
     On the other hand I refuse to
propitiate my readers by beginning every
sentence with 'I believe...' or 'In my opinion...'
or 'It is suggested that...'.
It would be ludicrous to say 'I believe I am conscious' or 'It has
been suggested that the world is round'
or 'Some believe that 2 + 2 is 4.'
Leave this style of writing
to those who are afraid of
loosing their jobs because they might expose the ignorance of their
superiors or peers.
     Further some would say that 'Ideas about evolution are the work
of the Devil and should not be mentioned lest they lead the young
astray'.  I say THAT idea is the work of the Devil and
surely there is one, as is evidenced by people saying such things.
Heaven Forbid
anyone should lose their fear of Eternal Hell.
     Others fill their works with
endless footnotes.  This is to show 1.) how erudite
and well read they are,
2.) that they have not read anything forbidden,
3.) that they have had no new ideas of their
own, and 4.) they want to make sure that anything they say can be
blamed on someone else lest they get crucified for it.
Once in a while they will put in a footnote
or two
because they really want
to lead you to some good reading.
(Read Gleick, CHAOS.  Read Pickover, Journal of Chaos and Graphics.)
(Read Mandelbrot, Fractal Geometry of Nature.  Read Peitgen, The Beauty
of Fractals.)
     In conclusion then, I am not writing this stuff to get
graded on it or to prove to someone that I deserve a license
to survive with their seal of approval.  Further
I am not paid to work here and if I am not wanted
I will go elsewhere.  There are plenty who would have me.  It will
always be this way as I have not sold my soul for security.
     Thus I may end up
offending many if not most of my readers with my lack of intellectual
ass kissing.  (Spelled HONESTY by some.)
Please remember that you can always return this material
for a full refund.
I suggest however that you read it all the way through
first.  And then copy it for your own use.  THEN return it for
your full refund.
     I have received many
comments about my various writings ranging from 'Brilliant' and
'Ahead of your time', to '...bordering on pure baloney' and
'...fanatical fringe.'
I can be wrong both in the facts and in the philosophy.  But in general
what I write about fractals is the truth.
It's all in the programs or the math.  If that
is on the fringe, well all I can say is that it does not speak well
for the rest of Planet Earth.
As for being 'ahead of my time', well hell we are in the dark ages,
big deal.
     So for each letter I receive that tells me that 'The Cell and the
Womb' is morally offensive and in bad taste,
I would appreciate one saying something
better.  Perhaps how it applies to your line of research.
     I am not in the business of science to please those that have
Holy books to push in my face.  I have my own Holy Books to push
back in theirs.  Neither am I in the business to please the State
or the forces of materialism that say we have no soul and exist only
for the survival of the Group.  Consciousness is REAL
after all, and I DO EXIST
even if others think I don't.
That merely makes them wrong.
     The idea that consciousness arises out of
dead matter is ridiculous
and one wonders what the people are up to who claim this.
THEY don't believe it for a minute, they just want you to.
     The matter of Certainty is always being raped in the
scientific world.  Ever meet someone who was CERTAIN HE COULD NEVER
BE CERTAIN ABOUT ANYTHING?  You cure this by asking him if he DOUBTS
that he DOUBTS,
until he is CERTAIN he DOUBTS.
End of session.
If he refuses to come around, he is lying to you and KNOWS it.
What you do with him then depends on what Laws you have
boxed yourself in with.
     In any case the scientific rules of discovery and proof
that apply to the physical universe do not
necessarily apply to Consciousness.
I KNOW I exist even if I can't PROVE it in a laboratory to anyone else.
I can prove it to myself and that is all that is important.
The scientific method is interesting but incomplete.
It was invented by the Materialists who were too dumb
to recognize the importance and independance of Consciousness.
The Spiritualists on the other hand were too dumb to recognize the
importance of science.  So it goes.
     Of course if
things CAN be proven to others, they should be.  But don't ever let
anyone tell you that something is not true just because you can't
prove it to HIM.  Probably he already KNOWS it is true but just
wants you to think it isn't.
     There is evil in the world.
And it is rampant in both scientific and religious circles.
If this weren't true our little world would not be
continuously teeter-tottering
on the brink of
technological and social disaster.
This is not born of ignorance.  This is the result of very great
intelligence.  You have to work HARD to create continuous
emergency conditions for everyone else around you.  And there has
to be a LOT of money in it.
     Of course people are responsible
for their own conditions.  It is
like an addiction.  People NEED to believe in the dangerous lies.
The only thing worse than being tortured to death is
taking full responsibility for your condition.
The pusher would be out of business if people cleaned up their act
and put their indulgences in Corruption, Temptation and Seduction
on the back burner for a while.
     I hate to burst any bubbles here,
but all I can say is that for every
bubble I burst I will try to create 10 more.  Fractals will open up
a whole new world of technological and HUMAN wonder
that the world has never seen before.  A renaissance of comparable
magnitude to the industrial revolution; only this time it won't be with
all the smoke and noise.
That's because through fractal concepts we will finally
be able to understand and control the enviroment and things
around us to better help those
trying to survive in the midst.

     As John Hubbard is so fond of saying, 'There is a PhD in this
for someone!'  Well there is a GOLDEN AGE in this for ALL of us.
So dig it and do it.  Spread the word.  It's not too late.

                                       Homer Wilson Smith

                                       Senior Programmer
                               Hubbard Fractal Research Facility

                                     President, ART MATRIX

     Imagine just for a moment that by some miracle of coincidence
there was no war on the planet for three months.
The Iranians and Iraqians were
talking at the table, the Israelies
and the Palestinians were negotiating,
and the Contras and the Sandinista's were seeing if they could
settle their disputes.  Each one of these hot spots grows peaceful
once in a while, just imagine it
all just happened to happen on the same day and
lasted for three months.  The Arms Dealers would go out of business.
They have overhead too.  You don't think they would be out there
in a moment stirring up some foment?)

 Homer               adore-l@ualtavm      6/15/89 No subject