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'Adoration is Operation.'

From ADORE, A Divine Operation Religion of Excaliper.
Copyright (C) 1983 by Homer Wilson Smith

     There are three basic categories of 'sin'.  They are
Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.
     Corruption refers
to a break in ones sense that he is totally reponsible for
his own condition not in the sense that he is to blame but
that all is fair chosen.  Fair chosen means he chose it
under no duress and was aware of all the consequences.
One can fair choose to be ignorant of fair chosen-ness and this
becomes Corruption of the sense of responsibility.  One feels
he is in a condition he did not create, and had nothing to do with,
and there is something else at cause in the universe other
than himself.  To some the existance of 'other cause' has become
'obvious', but really it is
serious religious fault albeit fair chosen fault.
     Once Corruption has set in the person no longer feels able
to adjust the presence of things that he wants and the absence
of things he does not want to his satisfaction.  Something else
seems to be creating these things for him.  For example if he
wants a sane and safe neighborhood to raise his family in and
finds himself constantly pestered by violent crime, his consideration
is that he had nothing to do with the crime being there and that
the situation and its consequences are seriously not fair chosen.
This will lead him down the path from Corruption to Temptation.
     Temptation bluntly is using crime to handle crime.  It is doing
something one would not easily confess to ones neighbors or his own
mother in order to rid himself of the bad situation or make more
present a good situation.  For example our family man could
pay off the mafia to come and hunt down the criminals that have
been bugging him and kill them or break their legs to warn
them off.  Or he could pay off the police to put more men on
his block taking them away from his neighbors block leaving his
neighbors and FRIENDS open to more crime.  In this case he is
sacrificing his friends, people who would otherwise help him
in life, in order to better secure his existance.  The justification
goes something like, well my friends can't help me out of this one,
me and my family are about to DIE, so I will do something that will
make sure we don't die even if it means the families of my friends
are more likely to die.
     Temptation eventually leads to Seduction.  This is the last and
most serious step in the fall into 'sin'.  A man is finally
Seduced when he becomes like the thing he fears the most.  The
family man who has been robbed so many times regardless of what
protective efforts he has made finally starts robbing others
in the same fashion to make up for his lost income.  His attitude
is that everybody else is doing it to him and he is not going to
survive, so why should he care about others (even those who
aren't doing it to him).  Thus he becomes like the criminals that
plagued him.
     Corruption is born of lies.  A man is responsibile.  Men are
Gods.  They don't know this, but this is fair chosen.
     Temptation is born of foolishness.  They have been fooled by
their own bug-a-boos and belief in an all powerful OTHER force
to the point where they won't readjust their level of personal
Corruption upwards to a more operable state.
SOME Corruption of the sense of Total Responsibility may be necessary
to enjoy this game of life, this is why the spirit indulges in it,
but there is always the Garden Path Tempting him on to lower and
deeper levels.  Decadence and decay are the result.
     Seduction is born of despair.  The wages
of death is sin.
Once hope is gone (death) men will do anything (sin) to survive.
One cannot long survive as a noble being in a universe they
perceive to be inherently ignoble.  If NO ONE loves you, including
your own family, God and the universe at large, why be nice?
Why not just survive at all cost?
Of course others will expect you to be nice, all the while they rip
you off because they aren't.

     From ADORE,

     Sin is SIN-SONG.
     SIN-SONG is to SING another SOURCE done WRONG SONG.
     SIN-SONG is not SIN as long as it is just SONG.

     usually on the subject of NOT OPERATING

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